Thursday, April 28, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! The satisfaction of a tempo run in the morning

Yesterday morning I had to run solo because my life and running partner Tom was at a conference and had to leave early. It can be hard to get motivated for a run alone but I knew I wasn't going to think twice about it.

I did my core work, my clams, stretched, had a piece of toast and banana and out the door I went.

I wasn't going to focus on pace; just run from the inside out. I didn't even have a route in mind. I also forgot about the 15 degree rule and definitely over dressed for this beautiful Spring morning run but no matter I went on my way.

I had a "come to Jesus" meeting with God as I allowed all my thoughts and feelings about a recent stressful situation in my life pour out of me. I did not judge my thoughts or feelings, I let them flow and I allowed the beauty of the Reservoir, the birds singing, the sun glistening off of the water and the beautiful blue sky receive all that I had pent up inside of me. I didn't even think about the fact that everything changes and this would pass through or allow Tara Brach's mantra of "attend and befriend." I knew I needed to allow everything to surface for examination and exploration.

I started out doing a race walking pace and as I allowed the stew of my thoughts and feelings to cook, I found myself running very much in a Run Forrest Run kind of way. I wasn't running away from anything though; I was running toward myself to reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life from this stressful situation.

My 2nd split was a 15:35 minute/mile pace. I haven't seen that pace since I was training for the Harvard Pilgrim 5K last summer. I felt One with all that is and let the sweat pour off of me cleansing everything in its wake.

I did a few hills and my overall pace was 16:03 which for me is quite impressive especially as I am just getting back into training. I know that the cross training on the arc trainer and the bike rather than doing a 2nd day of static strength training has definitely helped my running but more than that, I allowed my body to do what it needed to do to manage what I needed to manage through the run.

After the run I had this feeling of deep satisfaction. The time on the Nike+ was awesome yes but there was a sense that I'd gone out and confronted everything I needed to confront and transformed everything that was hurting inside of me.

It's such a blessing to still have the gift of running in my life especially after a knee injury in December 2014 that everyone said would permanently sideline me. I feel a deep appreciation for the work I do with Jeffrey Spratt,MT every week that helps to reclaim advantage and reclaim my life on and off the roads whatever the circumstances around me.

To your health and wellness!

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