Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Going the Distance: On Determination, Process, Progress and Meeting My Threshold

I have the Bermuda Half Marathon and the Hyannis 10K in the books, running those races despite warnings from the medical community in December 2014 that I should not run again, that I would need a total knee replacement in a few years and maybe if I did run (which they knew I was going to do anyway) I should not do anything more than a 5 mile race.

I found my way to healer, chiropractor Dr. Ryan J. Means who reminded me that I AM the Placebo and turned me onto the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and teachers from What the bleep do we know...

Last week I worked out on the Arc Trainer for 30 minutes and spent 30 minutes on the bike.

Given my body's response to that workout, I realized that I'd gone over my threshold...but...

This week I decided to do 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer with maintaining higher settings and did about 35 minutes on the bike. I am tracking my settings and being extremely mindful of going right up to my threshold and not going over it. I feel challenged, sore and strong but not over the top uncomfortable after this week's workout. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the pool this week doing two laps each of the four strokes of the distance medley and doing a repeat along with laps with kickboard, noodle, jogging in the pool, side steps, lunges and strength training in the pool. It's incredible to feel the progress in my strength and my endurance finding both ease and joy and the challenge!

I am totally in love with this process of healing now. There is moving forward and progress and sometimes I meet my threshold and then have to back off a little to find the balance between feeling challenged but not risking injury or too much discomfort.

I feel the determination and the fire in my soul to go the distance.

To your health and wellness!

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