Monday, April 10, 2017

Countdown to Boston - Runner Spotlight - Invincible Alan Dyer

As so often happens on Facebook, last year I was led to connect with a most incredible and I must add invincible man, Alan Dyer. He is a veteran, a father, a husband, a runner and a most remarkable man although he would blush at these words. He is incredibly humble with a heart of gold and has the most delightful sense of humor you would ever want to experience in a friend. I am proud and honored to call him my friend.

In 2015, with two knees that require knee replacement surgery, he slogged through the pouring rain to go the distance for Fisher House Boston.

When he was asked to run Boston again last year for Fisher House Boston, he set aside the "kneed" for surgery once more and went the distance from Hopkinton to Boston. (Photo after one of his long runs last year).

At Friday night's Comedy Night to benefit Fisher House Boston, Alan shared with us how he helped a charity runner who was struggling on the hills to the finish line. Despite his being on pace for a great time, he wanted to make sure that this runner was able to finish her race. "I didn't care that I had a 5+ marathon. Who cares about the time?" Alan said with all the honor of the runner's code in his voice.

This year the prospect of knee replacement surgery was not even on his radar. If asked, he knew he was going to run again and raise money for Fisher House Boston.

Despite his history of a surgically repaired broken neck back in 2014 and his two 'bad' knees, he answered the call.

The Universe hit him hard with Lyme Disease, a stress fracture in his foot, being rear ended not once but twice by texting drivers resulting in concussions and whiplash and most recently a sinus infection.

Is this going to stop Alan Dyer from going 26.2 miles one week from today from Hopkinton to Boston to benefit Fisher House Boston?

No way!

"I run for Fisher House Boston. I run for the veterans and I run for their families for all the pain and suffering they go through as well. A little sacrifice on my part is nothing compared to what they go through...You gotta get out there. You gotta do it. There's no quit especially when it comes to the veterans who give everything they have and also their families."

Even though Alan met his fund raising goal let's show him that we are so inspired and so proud of his passion to go the distance!

You can donate by following this link.

If you happen to see him out on the course next Monday be sure to give him more cowbell to cheer him onto the finish!

To your health and wellness,

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