Saturday, March 11, 2017

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Walk with a Doc - Educate.Exercise.Empower

"Motivating people to take charge of their own health brings such joy and the best part is getting to partner with patients in their Journey. The power to heal lies within us." - Dr. Nandana Kansra, "Walk with a Doc" program director at St. Vincent's Hospital Worcester, MA

Ever since I chose a path other than the ones the doctors predicted for me after being diagnosed with Post-Polio Syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease by Western Medicine standards, I wanted to find a way to share my message of healing, hope and possibility with the medical community. The Post-Polio community did not want to hear from me. Doctors and polio survivors alike turned a deaf ear to my story. As I look back on it, the timing wasn't right. There was more of the story to be told. My healing would have to pass the test of time.

Before partnering with Jeffrey Spratt,MT my healing did not stand up to the test of time. There were setbacks and injuries. I love Dr. Kansra's quote: "Mary is Jeffrey's work partner and she is a hero in her own right. Mary was diagnosed with paralytic polio at the age of 5 and lost the use of her leg. Over the last 2 years Jeffrey worked with Mary and session after grueling session Mary regained her muscle power." So eloquently stated!

Jeffrey presents his Rejuvenation Exercise to the Harvard Medical School's Updates in Internal Medicine Course every year. Last December, Dr. Kansra was enthralled with Jeffrey, the Rejuvenation Exercise and the work he is doing.

She invited Jeffrey and me to her Saturday "Walk With a Doc" session. I was able to share my healing journey and how, since partnering with Jeffrey I am able to go the distance. It is always such a blessing for me to share my journey and inspire others with my determination and endurance.

Before we walked, Jeffrey did his Rejuvenation Exercise:

The Rejuvenation Exercise energized the body and warmed up the muscles in preparation for an hour walk around the Atrium.

Everyone walks at their own pace. It's group therapy and medicine at its finest!

I was blessed to hear stories and share my story and also share the work that Jeffrey does.

Jeffrey loves being a teacher. His philosophy of his work is that knowledge is power. He teaches clients about what is going on in their bodies, how he works with them to help the body heal and prescribes self care to supplement the work he does in the office.

One of the walkers called Jeffrey, "A Muscle Whisperer."

I would have to agree!

After the walk, Dr. Kansra had me speak a little bit more about my book, Going the Distance: The Power of Endurance:

We said our goodbyes to the walkers and expressed mutual admiration and appreciation for each other and our journeys.

We took this photo before heading out to brunch:

We broke bread together and talked about how we happened to arrive in that moment as individuals and how the Universe brought us together. Nandana believes in lifestyle medicine taking a holistic approach to helping her patients toward wellness. Her journey to becoming a doctor was captivating. Jeffrey shared his connecting the dots story and how he landed at this moment in his life and we were all in awe of how this year Nandana was drawn to Jeffrey and his Rejuvenation Exercise even though she'd been at IMED in years past. I was able to answer her questions about my journey with polio and I let her know that she was an answer to my be able to share my journey within the model of Western Medicine.

Education. Exercise. Empowerment. Taking responsibility for health and healing. Reclaiming advantage and reclaiming life.

Walk with a Doc - a sacred, blessed morning and the beginning of things to come!

To your health and wellness,

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