Sunday, January 29, 2017

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! There's been a change in me!

Well there's been a lot of change in me but after crossing the finish line of the 2017 Bermuda Half Marathon and after last week's profoundly transformative massage therapy session with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, I feel another change happening within me.

My default state was one of struggle (well duh whose wouldn't be after contracting paralytic polio followed by 9 years of unrelenting violence and torture at the hands of family members) in my body. Even with the struggle that happened during my Bermuda Half Marathon race, I did not feel trapped in my body. I was frustrated that my body cramped up and would not do what I needed it to do, but I felt a kind of freedom to be able to persevere and then triumphantly cross that finish line!

I told Jeffrey in my most recent session that I want to clean out all the gunk so I can get as fit and as healthy as I possibly can. "This work is messy and takes a lot of courage," Jeffrey said to me. I am so blessed and grateful that he is willing to go through the mess with me and help me to clean up the debris that paralytic polio and trauma left in its wake.

Tom had his post Bermuda Marathon weekend massage therapy session with Jeffrey today. On Sundays I usually either do a strength training session on land or do strength training in the pool. I decided that today I would get in a half hour swim and then do strength training on land when we got home. It is so new for me to experience joy in movement. There is this fire inside of me to work out. As I think back on where I was 10 years ago with the diagnosis of Post-Polio Syndrome or even two years ago after a serious knee injury, I am in awe of how I feel inside. I have this image of myself completely healed and transformed, stronger than ever (and even told Jeffrey that I want to arm wrestle with him some day) able to build strength, fitness, speed and endurance completely shedding the skin of a person who contracted paralytic polio and then was battered, beaten, tortured, raped and faced death on many occasions.

It is so exciting and exhilarating to experience this most recent phase of my transformational journey.

This evening I am so sore and tired - "vibrant sore" is the phrase Jeffrey coined for how I felt after running the Bermuda Half Marathon in 2016. I feel new neuromuscular connections happening and space to be able to build strength and fitness. When I feel stressed or if a trigger happens, I am very patient, compassionate and kind to myself knowing that:

There's been a change in me and I'm ready to see what this body can do as we continue to clear out the baggage that once weighed me down as I reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life with passion, purpose, patience and joy!

To your health and wellness,

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