Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! It's almost time for my victory lap!

Bermuda Marathon Weekend posted on Facebook that is the 10 day countdown to Bermuda Marathon Weekend. It seems like only yesterday they posted 100 days!

Who could have imagined that I'd be trained, poised and ready for my second CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon after the toll that paralytic polio and trauma took on my body.... Who could have imagined that I'd go the distance again after an MRI in December of 2014 showed an atrophied gastroc muscle in my left leg, torn meniscus, fatty lipoma, degenerative arthritic changes, bone spurs and degenerative changes from a history of 5 surgeries. Arthroscopic surgery would not do any good because the knee was "too far gone." I should look toward the future with having a total knee replacement in mind. Referral to physical therapy for strengthening, stretching, blah blah blah and no running but since they knew I was going to run anyway I had to cap off the miles I would run.

A soggy twelve miler
a week ago Saturday followed by last Saturday's 6 mile treadmill run that was at sub-half marathon pace were incredible morale/mental boosts for me. However, after the treadmill run my right knee swelled and I have a blister. My right knee has had intermittent swelling during these latter days of training. I reminded myself, "I created this and so I can uncreate it." When I shared that with Jeffrey, he took extra time to bring healing to the area. I iced, elevated, and had every confidence that whatever was going on in there was in the service of healing, not injury!

"It's about time you got a blister," Jeffrey Spratt,MT said to me before yesterday's ShakeOut (TM) Massage. I told him about my right knee, showed him the blister and he got to work. He worked deep and worked to create balance throughout my body. When I turned over on my back, he paused at my left leg and did energy healing. He paused and got in touch with the area around my knee before lighting on a particular area holding my knee with warm hands and stillness. He did the same for my right knee. I felt it was a blessing of the knees for my Half Marathon run! As we talked about my thoughts and feelings about the miracle of running my 2nd CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon he patted me on my back and said, "It's all you kid - you did all the work. I was just here." Oh my goodness - was he ever! There's no such thing as "just here". Because of our partnership clearing out the residuals of 9 years of unrelenting violence and other traumatic events in my life as an adult, I am free to train, healthy, strong and whole feeling holy expressing the power of Divine Intelligence within me and that flows through Jeffery's hands and heart.

This morning I did an easy 40 minute ride on the bike at Wave Health and Fitness. I could feel my right knee barking at me. I listened to my music and visualized the race in Bermuda. As I walked to the locker room I felt this profound energy shift in my right leg and knee. The memory of the beatings with a belt and belt buckle that literally and figuratively brought me to my knees was in the background while feeling this energy flow and the thought, "Everything is going back to where it belongs," took place front and center and surged through me. I felt strength and the realization that I am trained and ready.

Suitcases are out and partially packed. The list has been made for what we need to remember for our race-cation.

I am getting very excited...because it's almost time for my victory lap celebrating that I have reclaimed my advantage and reclaimed my life ten years after setting out on my healing odyssey!

To your health and wellness,

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