Saturday, January 28, 2017

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! I went too far and I'm fine!

I didn't take much time off after my triumphant Bermuda Half Marathon run. Last Wednesday I did a recovery work out in the pool, had an incredible recovery massage therapy session with Jeffrey Spratt, MT, took my usual rest days on Thursday and Friday and by Saturday started my new 5 day training cycle. I increased holding plank time by 5 seconds; I decided that weighted clams were the order of the day and did them for 4 days straight. We increased the reps for knee to elbow and bicycle. On Saturday we went for a run. On Sunday I did an all out strength training session. On Monday an hour in the pool. Because the weather was crummy on Tuesday, I hit the gym for a workout on the Arc Trainer and Bike. By Wednesday I was cooked. I was incredibly sore and realized that rather going on another run and continuing the intensity of daily core work, I needed to dial it back a bit and get into the pool for a good swim.

Before getting on Jeffrey's table last Wednesday I said to him, "Well somebody...I'm not mentioning any names...thought she didn't need to really recover from that grueling Bermuda Half Marathon she just ran."

Once I was on the table and Jeffrey was working to clear out the soreness and help me to continue to recover from Bermuda he commented, "Isn't it amazing how you could go too far and you're absolutely fine? Yes you're sore..."

We celebrated together. I reflected on my triumphant second CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon and the testament to healing the effects of paralytic polio and violence that I could train for another half marathon within a year of running my first half marathon since the Boston Marathon in 2009.

The Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy hurt so good bringing relief to my incredibly sore muscles...and to healing trauma on an even deeper level.

I said to Jeffrey that I want to clear out all the gunk from trauma that used to weigh me down and led to not being able to get traction in my health and wellness journey. I want to have all that gunk cleared out so I can get really fit and feel the best I have ever felt in my life. It's all coming together and I will be more mindful this week with my training. Three days of weighted clams as opposed to four; maintaining reps and weights for now and keeping low mileage in my runs.

After two rest days, Team McManus tackled 3.63 miles with lots of cold headwind. We were planning on a 5K but had to reroute ourselves given the stiff wind off of the Reservoir.

It was a blessed and sacred time together. We were treated to the sight of this beautiful owl:

Tomorrow it's a combination of strength training on land and in the pool. Monday a swimming workout. Tuesday a morning run. Wednesday Bike and Arc Trainer and then back on Jeffrey's table to continue reclaiming my advantage and reclaiming my life. What a miracle that I could go too far in my training last week and that I'm absolutely fine able to get back to another 5 day training cycle. I lived under the rule of the most evil people growing up in my family. I just have to say that darkness.never.wins and that ultimately justice prevails. In my own little corner of the world, I have worked with faith and trust and with every fiber of my body and being to triumph over the most heinous acts committed against me. Last week I did not take enough recovery time after running the Bermuda Half Marathon...I went too far and I'm fine. Ten years ago I was told if I used it I would lose it and to prepare to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair...that was because of all the trauma gunk stuck in my body but partnering with Jeffrey and my own fiery determination changed the course of the history of my life.

To your health and wellness,

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