Thursday, December 15, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! One Month From Today! - Thankful Thursday

As I chatted with Jeffrey Spratt,MT before yesterday's massage therapy session, my voice broke. "One month from tomorrow I'll be running the Bermuda Half Marathon." "You're second CONSECUTIVE (he loves to emphasize CONSECUTIVE) Bermuda Half Marathon." He was able to embrace with me the importance of this event. It's a big deal!

If we roll it back to ten years ago this month when I was diagnosed with post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease and was told to prepare to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair it's a very big deal that I'm running at all. It's true I ran the 2009 Boston Marathon but I kept crashing experiencing a resurgence of symptoms of fatigue, chronic pain and unable to get any traction on my healing journey. If we roll it back to two years ago this week when I had a serious knee injury, it's a really big deal that I ran Bermuda last year AND I am trained and ready to take on the challenge again one month from today.

Two years ago I was told don't run again but we know you will so you need to cap your distance at a 5K or 5 miles. Okay - whatever - and then I fired everybody and was blessed to find my way to Dr. Ryan Means, a chiropractor healer and Jeffrey Spratt, MT who pioneered his very own method of muscular therapy that has helped me to go the distance on the roads and in my life healing the effects of paralytic polio and trauma!

I've trained harder this year for the Half. It's exciting to experience the strength of my quad muscles and to feel soreness - a good soreness - all over! I am still basking in the after glow of feeling really badass training in frigid temps last Saturday. I've been incorporating the Arc Trainer and the Bike into my cross training and feel the benefits of the extra day of cardio training. We've been blessed with the weather. On Tuesday we had a glorious morning for our 5K run.

I feel the cumulative benefits of weekly massage therapy sessions with Jeffrey and a ShakeOut (TM) Massage every other week once I hit double digits. It's a beautiful process of experiencing new positive outcomes to break the cycle of trauma through the power of quality positive touch and having Jeffrey's beautiful compassionate presence bear witness as I share with him whatever may surface during the treatment, and we transform the horror of my past.

So here I am - two more long runs until taper time. We may have to do treadmill and bike to get in our miles on Saturday given the forecast but hopefully that will change. Christmas Eve's forecast looks awesome as of now to get in our last long run. Given my base and given that I've trained well and hard we are going to cap the distance at 11.5.

One month from today my SECOND CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon -- it's a miracle! I am blessed and thankful and so very excited to countdown to Bermuda once more! It's safe to say that I have reclaimed my advantage and reclaimed my life in the wake of trauma and paralytic polio. Thank you Ryan and Jeffrey, my bestie Tom and my village of love and support.

To your health and wellness,

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