Saturday, November 5, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! What a difference a week makes! Feeling Accomplished!

When I woke up last Saturday, everything seemed to hurt. I knew that I was working through a lot in my healing work with Jeffrey Spratt,MT and healing from an incredibly stressful family situation that has mercifully finally resolved! We got in our training run last week and I asked and answered the question, "Why am I doing this again?"

I had a major breakthrough in my treatment with Jeffrey this past Wednesday and I am reaping the rewards of my work with him mind, body and soul. When I woke up refreshed this morning with NO JOINT PAIN at all, my heart overflowed with gratitude and I was ready to take on 9.5 miles training for the Bermuda Half Marathon.

This past week I was cleaning out my in box and found an email with the link to the results from last year's Bermuda Half Marathon. What a surprise to see a link to a video that showed Team McManus crossing the finish line (you can see us at the 2:43:00 mark):

This morning on Facebook, Bermuda Marathon Weekend posted that Joan Benoit Samuelson is going to be a part of Bermuda Marathon Weekend:

What a wonderful story Jacqueline Hansen shares in "A Long Time Coming" about Joanie's Olympic Gold Medal win and the fight to have women compete in the marathon in the Olympics.

The countdown begins and the miles and excitement build.

It was chilly when we first started out on our run but it warmed up to 50 degrees. We had to strip off layers which is very unusual for November in New England. Tom is on call at work so we had to make sure we had a route that kept us fairly close to home. We made it up as we went along and true to form, Team McManus can never calculate mid-run how far out and back we have to go. Once we got to 8 miles we were able to figure out a plan that brought us back to home by 9.5 miles. The Reservoir was glorious with the Fall colors still splendid because of the warm weather we have had. There was very little wind today and while we had our fair share of hills, it was a relatively flat run today compared to last week's out and back along the Boston Marathon route. We were able to enjoy the beauty of nature with families of ducks swimming peacefully in the reservoir, warm sunshine and a blue sky with puffy clouds.

We kept a good steady pace. I felt confident and strong in my body embracing the discomfort that goes with training for a half marathon - my second CONSECUTIVE half marathon in Bermuda as Jeffrey loves to remind me.

Another 9.5 miles in the Bank of Bermuda....another 5 day training cycle begins. What a difference a week makes in healing and experiencing positive momentum...feeling accomplished, confident and strong knowing I have reclaimed advantage, reclaimed my life and am going the distance. Next week....double digits!

To your health and wellness,

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