Friday, October 28, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Transforming Shame: On Vulnerability and Courage

In addition to being a client experiencing profound healing through the power of positive touch, partnering with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, pioneer of the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy, I am his research assistant. We have an exploratory study and are gathering data for anecdotal case studies for "The Efficacy of the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy on Trauma Recovery."

I've been scouring the web for our review of literature and happened upon this TED talk. Please take the 15 minutes and listen to what Dr. Burke Harris has to say.

I'd been asking the Universe for guidance about how/when/where we can, to paraphrase Dr. Harris, shout from the rooftops about what we are discovering about how the power of positive touch with the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy is healing the effects of trauma. I knew in my gut that this was a public health issue and Dr. Harris validated my intuition in her TED Talk.

In my recent treatment with Jeffrey, I went deep - very deep into the well of feelings of shame, betrayal, feeling unworthy, frightened and alone. I shared with him not only the horrors of what I lived through but how I harbored feelings in response to those adverse childhood events or ACES as a 1995-1997 study of 17,500 adults labeled them. The power of positive touch pierced the veil of shame and unworthiness as layer upon layer of feelings and beliefs poured out of me. It took tremendous courage for me to bear and bare all. With physical and verbal comfort and compassionate presence I emerged from the depths of hell that I harbored my entire life feeling excited for the work we are doing together.

I am opening up to my friends in a new way. I am discovering that by my opening up about my experiences, they are talking about their traumatic experiences both past and present as men, as women and mothers and suddenly we are no longer alone holding compassionate presence for each other.

There are waves of emotions I ride and ripples that still rip through me but I come back to a place of stillness, aliveness, creativity, calm and peace; a sense of safety and well being however wild my thoughts and feelings become. They used to have a horrible grip on me and now I can tame the dragon.

Tomorrow I run 9.5 miles training for my second CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon. (Jeffrey emphasizes the consecutive aspect of this).

With finding the courage to be vulnerable and bare all, all can be healed. However horrific the events, however deep the cut and seemingly endless the pain and fear seem, all can be healed and made new through love, caring, kindness, compassionate presence and the power of positive touch. I am free to run and go the distance. I am free to live my life and through the work Jeffrey and I are doing on and off of the table we can help others reclaim advantage and reclaim life through the power of positive touch!

To your health and wellness,

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