Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Transformation Tuesday - How did she do that?

The MRI from December 2014 showed marked degenerative changes in my knee joint, a fatty lipoma, shredded cartilage, bone spurs and damage so extensive that arthroscopic surgery would not have made a difference. The advice I received from the physiatrist, the physical therapists and even the massage therapist I was working with at the time? Give up running and wait to have a total knee replacement.

I met Dr. Ryan, a chiropractor who reminded me about what I already knew about the body's ability to heal and how one can change and heal the body through thought alone. We poured over Dr. Joe Dispenza's, "You Are the Placebo". He had me read Candace Pert's "Everything you need to know to feel Go(o)d" and watch "What the bleep do we know?"

He worked with me every week with taping, tapping, setting an intention for my healing and using chiropractic adjustments to help me heal my knee injury and loosen the grip that the effects of paralytic polio had on my body, my mind and my Being.

Since April of 2015 I have been blessed to partner with Jeffrey Spratt,MT who pioneered what has been for me, the life saving method of Spratt Muscular Therapy. Jeffrey also set intentions for my healing and together we condition my body to a new mind as Dr. Joe would say.

I have been able to consistently train and improve my physical, emotional and spirital health and state of well being.

With the help of Dr. Ryan and Jeffrey, I have grown a new gastroc muscle in my left leg; something the doctor said was impossible. It had atrophied from the polio as evidenced on the MRI and there was no way to bring it back. Ha!

Last week I had a fall tripping up a curb. My resilience for a 62 year old is remarkable. "They" told me years ago that I must go on medication for osteoporosis or if I should fall I would certainly have a fracture. This is my 2nd fall in two years hitting the pavement pretty hard and I am still in one piece.

I had my 7.5 mile training run on Saturday for Bermuda Marathon Weekend, did strength training on Sunday, did cross training in the pool yesterday and this morning did a 3.11 mile run in the rain.

During our long run I did feel some "barking" of my left leg at the top of my tibia under my knee where I had fallen. My first thought was "I wish Dr. Ryan were here." And then I remembered, "He is here," even though he is half a world away in China.

He used this little instrument around my knee that reduces swelling. I felt his hands applying KT tape to my left knee and remembering the stimulation of healing from the KT tape. I said my mantra during my meditations: I am healthy. I am healed. I am whole. I am strong.

The pain is completely gone and tomorrow I have 90 minutes on Jeffrey's table to continue to release my body's natural ability to heal and to continue to heal the effects of paralytic polio and trauma.

Tom said that he wishes I could go and have another MRI so that the doctor would be amazed and ask the question, "How did she do that? How did she eliminate bone spurs, heal arthritis and degenerative changes and grow a new gastroc?"

As I was getting to write this blog post, coincidentally, this news story from several years ago popped into my Facebook news feed:

Prana not pills. Fingers not forceps.

In February of 2015, I ditched the traditional Western Medicine approach to managing what was happening in my body and jumped down the rabbit hole to heal myself. I was blessed to find Dr. Ryan and Jeffrey, Dr. Joe, Candace and the teachers from What the bleep do we know.

It's transformation Tuesday and by harnessing the power of my mind, being blessed to experience the power of positive touch combined with knowledge and skill with Dr. Ryan and Jeffrey I have transformed and transcended my past. And if those naysayers from 2014-early 2015 ask me how did I do that? I answer-that's how I did that!

To your health and wellness,

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