Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! On Appreciation, Angels and Cinderella

"Where there is kindness there is goodness and where there is goodness there is magic!"

During yesterday's morning meditation, I felt as though Jeffrey Spratt, MT's hands are like a magic wand helping me to transform from the survivor of paralytic polio and abuse to the beautiful, vibrant woman I am today.

From my journal, "The stress of our daughter's psychiatric condition is off the charts. I aspirated during dinner the other night. I can feel my body clearing it and I also remember how I would feel like I had a chicken bone stuck in my throat growing up! While I am doing an inventory of my body and see where I need relief., preparing for my treatment with Jeffrey I thought about his one handed massage at the back of my neck and I felt tingles. I'll let him know about my throat and GI issues, SI joint and lower back BUT rather than experience the treatment as relief which is of course amazing in and of itself, I saw and felt his hands as like the magic wand that Cinderella's fairy godmother uses. Everywhere he touches is made factory new and I am transformed ready to go to the Ball of my life and dance and be free regardless of the ugliness or jealousy or venom or sickness that is present. My healing is going to a whole new level now and I deserve to be healed and freed from the shackles of my past and get clarity on the present situation."

My workout day began with a return to the newly renovated pool at Wave Health and Fitness.

While I was grateful for access to the pool at the Westin Hotel, there is no place like my home away from home especially after it's been renovated. Appreciation filled my heart and gratitude swelled with each lap I swam.

As I sat at the Seaport working outside in the glorious sunshine after my workout and before my massage therapy session with Jeffrey I connected with one of my Facebook friends who was having a stressful day. Just then a dandelion seed head came floating by letting us each know that Angels are guiding us helping us to alleviate our stress:

Jeffrey humbly accepted my compliment about his hands being like a magic wand transforming everything he touches. So much magic filled those 90 minutes of healing through the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy; the power of positive touch.

He brings compassion, warmth and just the right touch of humor to facilitate healing. Through our partnership of the past year and a half, I can experience the powerful transformation happening inside of me. I am falling in love with my body and know that every symptom that presents itself is a part of my body asking to be healed. Rather than being on the expedition to uncover the trauma, I feel that I am experiencing and exploring the treasure that is me independent of the circumstances of my life past or present. After an intensely emotional yet profoundly healing treatment, Tom and I went out to dinner. As we walked down Beacon Street to our car we found a penny. 1986 - before we had children - a sign that it's okay for us to now take care of ourselves and enjoy our relationship.

Each week, through the power of positive touch, I recover from my 5 day training cycle getting ready to run the Bermuda Half Marathon again in January, and reclaim more and more of my advantage and my life healing all that went before. It's time for me to enjoy the dance of my life!

To your health and wellness,

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