Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Lessons in Quantum Healing from a Wasp Sting

My husband was being heroic when he spotted a wasp on my right hand and tried to swat it away. He thought the wasp would just fly away leaving me unstung however, the wasp had a different plan. When Tom swatted at it, it burrowed in my thumb and stung me. I was so shocked by the sequence of events that happened in the blink of an eye. I pulled out the stinger and we iced it and then googled first aid for a wasp sting. Of course I was being funny when I said that I could not do laundry or dishes because that was part of the first aid plan for a wasp sting.

The itching began and I harnessed my meditation skills to, as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, "Think greater than my circumstances."

On Monday I did cross training in the pool using hand weights in the pool not realizing that I was exacerbating my body's reaction to the sting.

On yesterday's training run Tom and I talked about harnessing my body's natural ability to heal. There was more swelling and little pustules were beginning to form. The swelling was going down my arm. We joked about what messages was I going to send to my hand and arm and did it in character voices. "Oh no it's gangrene..." "Hi guys we've got this. Feel the tingling that indicates we are cleaning up all that venom from the wasp." We played out both sides of the drama.

Ordinarily this would cause sheer panic in me. Growing up being unable to trust in my body's natural ability to heal and having a breach in my mind/body connection would have catapulted me to making a doctor's appointment and getting it fixed from the outside in. Now there are times when we need Western Medicine but I wanted to see what I could conjure up.

From the moment Jeffrey Spratt, MT asked me, "What leg are we rehabbing?" and I experienced the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy, I knew my life was about to change. My beloved chiropractor,healer and friend Dr. Ryan Means set the stage for me to practice quantum healing in my life through his powerful touch and skill and turning me onto the works of Dr. Joe and Candace Pert, Ph.D. I instinctively decided to try a flush with water as hot as I could stand it followed by ice cold water.

I dismissed any thoughts that did not support total healing. I came into work and sat in the Plaza Garden at the Seaport Boston Hotel, my happy place and took time to meditate. I was able to envision and feel in every fiber of my being a "factory new" thumb as though I was never stung by the wasp. I imagined Jeffrey flushing my hand and arm in today's massage therapy session.

Little by little the swelling went down and the itching stopped. I experienced greater range of mobility in my thumb joint and the swelling resolved at the wrist. There is a small patch of dried pustules where the stinger went into my thumb. There is positive momentum in my body healing from the wasp sting. What a joy to have moved out of fear in relationship to my body and to cultivate and harvest feelings of power, confidence and strength as a result of partnering with Jeffrey for these past 17 months.

And I was a little peeved that Tom's intention to protect me turned into one of the worst stings I ever experienced BUT as a result of this incident, I was able to harness the power of quantum healing and released my body's natural capacity to heal. Success breeds success and as Walt Disney said, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." I feel empowered to move beyond the self that experienced paralytic polio and trauma to this new way of living, of being and of meeting challenges. I am deeply grateful to the healers and teachers who support me in my healing journey to go the distance free from the beliefs and constraints from the past.

To your health and wellness!

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