Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Enjoying the Beauty of a Morning Run

Team McManus had been pushing our pace and the challenge on our runs as we train for Bermuda Marathon Weekend. Geoffrey Smith who holds the record for the Bermuda 10K and who travels to Bermuda for Race Weekend posts wonderful wisdom about training, running and life. His wisdom guided me on my runs as I trained for my first Half Marathon in 7 years in Bermuda this past January.

Yesterday Geoffrey posted this on Facebook:
My advice to all is forget about time and distance enjoy the moment and smell the roses. I am looking forward to many more runs like this.
Now to business upcoming races ...

Tom and I took his advice to heart this morning. The sky was a radiant blue and the sun glistened off the water at the Route 9 Reservoir. One of our runner friends was pushing her pace doing laps around the Reservoir. We picked up our pace when we passed each other because it's what you do when you feel the rush of the pace of a fast runner but then we took it right back down again.

We savored the clean fresh air, the warm sun and the sweat. Even though we were not pushing our pace, we overdressed as we so often do at this time of year. It was 55 degrees when we started out and didn't pay keen attention to the 15 degree rule. We took deep belly breaths and had wonderful conversation being in the moment with each other, unplugged. We wondered what kind of Fall foliage there would be this year given the unseasonably warm and long summer with little rain. We saw a few leaves that were changing.

Knowing that Fall and Winter are right around the corner, we savored this perfect running weather. Knowing that we are in the Autumn of our life at ages 64 and 62, these moments that we share are dear and precious and not to be wasted. We did spend a few moments of the run talking about the challenge of our daughter's psychiatric condition but then shifted our focus to the gift of the present moment.

At the end of our run we tried to capture the beauty of the Reservoir and the skyline of Boston but no photo would do it justice so we opted for our traditional end of training run selfie:

Yes I am wearing my beautiful Bermuda t shirt swag!

We took a leisure walk back home, had our breakfast together and headed into work.

I am so blessed to have the gift of running in my life. A woman asked me in the locker room at Wave Health and Fitness the other day if I work out every day because she often sees me in the locker room. I was moved to share my story with her and how, since partnering with Jeffrey Spratt, MT whose pioneering spirit developed the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy, I am able to triumph over the effects of paralytic polio and trauma. I appreciate everything and I take nothing for granted. I know how blessed I am to be going the distance and enjoy the beauty of a morning run.

To your health and wellness!

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