Friday, August 26, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Flashback Friday - 9 Years Later

As I saw the "No parking" signs in the North End for the celebration of St. Anthony's Feast, I thought to myself, I'm going to have to pay for parking today. How will I ever find a space but then I reminded myself that when I partner with the Universe, I'm able to manifest a parking space. Sure enough there was a spot right behind the VA Clinic on Causeway St. where I worked for almost 20 years before embarking on this almost 10 year healing odyssey.

"Should I go in?" I wondered.

"Hey I know that face," Big John the shuttle driver yelled out. "Oh my's been like forever." We caught up for a few minutes and he told me he's still driving the shuttle between Causeway St and Jamaica Plain. "Nobody would else wanted it so I keep doin' it," Big John told me.

Next came James who has been at the VA as a clerk for 29 years now! Talk about dedication. We smiled and hugged and he went on his way for a cigarette break.

I decided that Spirit was beckoning me to go in.

This was my first visit back since partnering with Jeffrey Spratt,MT and being back at work. When I left the VA on 5/25/2007 I was still in a leg brace taking those first few tentative steps on my healing journey.

I looked around like a kid who was returning to the house they grew up in seeing how much it had changed yet there was still so much familiar about the Clinic.

I took the trip I'd taken hundreds of thousands of times from the 1st to the 2nd floor via the elevator where I'd escorted veterans in wheelchairs to different appointments.

"Excuse me, is Renee in?" I asked the receptionist on the 2nd floor where my office had been.

Renee is the social worker who initially took my job as primary care social worker and then moved into the position of OEF/OIF Caregiver social worker.

I knocked on her door and there was no answer. I was about to leave a note when the receptionist said, "Oh here she is now."

Renee graciously invited me into the office I occupied for many years. We joked about the ventilation and air conditioner/heating system. It was always too hot or too cold and we chatted for almost an hour. It was a most magical meeting in so many ways and I'm very excited about reconnecting with my VA roots.

But see when I cleared out of the VA 9 years ago I could not have possibly in my wildest imaginings known I'd be sitting in room 255 at 251 Causeway Street talking about the pioneering work of my boss Jeffrey Spratt,MT. We are launching a research study on the efficacy of the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy in trauma recovery.

I am deeply grateful to Renee for taking the time to reconnect with me and for me to be able to connect the dots.

And when I got home today...this is what was waiting for me...

I am a member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and next month we hear about a proposal Jeffrey and I submitted to present at the 14th World Congress, "Reclaiming Life After Trauma: Innovations in Healing." How is that for connecting the dots?

To your health and wellness,

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