Thursday, August 18, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Motivation!

What motivates me, a 62 year old survivor of paralytic polio and childhood trauma to maintain a 5 day training cycle of a long run on Saturday, strength training on Sunday, a 5K run on Monday, cross training in the pool on Tuesday and cross training on the Arc Trainer and Bike on Wednesday.....

First and foremost - I know the alternative of what happens if I DON'T take care of myself mind, body and soul. Almost ten years ago I was diagnosed with post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease. Initially it was excruciatingly painful to experience motivation to make a shift toward positive momentum in my life. My body was withering away and expressing the anguish of the unhealed effects of paralytic polio and trauma.

Something stirred within me as my pen became my divining rod for healing and spurred my mind and Spirit to lead the dance in motivating me to make a profound change in my life through poetry. (See Running the Race)

What a journey!

There were times when it was challenging for me to motivate myself to stay the course on my healing path UNTIL I was blessed to meet two healers, Ryan J Means, DC and Jeffrey Spratt,MT who have been the catalyst for me to maintain momentum and motivation.

They helped me to believe in my ability to heal from my past AND Jeffrey's Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy has been the game changer for me on my healing journey.

Ryan told me to set goals not limits and so last year I set the goal of running the 2016 Bermuda Half Marathon which Team McManus finished in grand style. We were so blessed that Jeffrey helped me to prepare mind, body and soul to take my first trip in 9 years and run the longest distance I had run since the 2009 Boston Marathon.

And now I'm training for the 2017 Bermuda Half Marathon!

Every workout means I am one step closer to running Bermuda again.

Jeffrey and I have been doing a lot of work to heal the residuals of trauma in my arms and hands. I joke with him about taking him on in arm wrestling. Now keep in mind Jeffrey is 11 years my junior and 6'3" tall with incredibly strong arms and hands but as I strength train my upper body, I feel myself training to engage in an arm wrestling battle with him.

Since partnering first with Ryan who now is in China bringing his gift of chiropractic healing across the world and then Jeffrey, I like being in my body and feeling the challenge, the soreness and the discipline of training again for the Bermuda Half Marathon. Seeing posts on Facebook from the Bermuda Marathon Weekend and posts from friends who I met at last year's race keeps the excitement and motivation flowing.

My friends who are training for Fall Marathons motivate me; we motivate each other as we cheer each other on during training.

It was a profound challenge for me to find the motivation to move from a leg brace and wheelchair to finding the strength and courage to heal my life. The Universe ultimately sent me everything and everybody I need and now each day I experience the grace of digging deep to move beyond my past, reclaim advantage and reclaim life with positive momentum and motivation.

How do you stay motivated?

To your health and wellness!

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