Friday, August 12, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Setting a Goal

It's exhilarating to be training again for the Bermuda Half Marathon. I'm feeling those familiar aches and pains that come with adding on miles - and adding on miles at age 62 although I like to think about Meb's quote, "How old would I be if I did not know when I was born."

With total confidence, I am ready to get out and run 7 miles tomorrow. I had a powerfully healing massage therapy session with Jeffrey Spratt,MT this week.

In addition to a fabulous runner's flush using the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy, Jeffrey worked with me to heal the effects of trauma from my past and the current trauma in my life with our daughter's mental illness.

We are so blessed and deeply grateful for the treatment team that is now in place to support our daughter's journey back to mental health and well being but as Jeffrey reminded me, it's important for me to have a space to release emotions that otherwise would get trapped in my body and cause dis-ease as Tom and I manage this stress in our lives.

What a blessing to not have to live in a world of duality as I had to do growing up in a family rife with substance abuse and mental illness. I can reach out and receive love, care, support and compassion. As I allow the powerful emotions to surface from the past and now in my present life situation, I experience the power of positive touch to restore balance, equanimity, peace and healing.

Setting a goal to run the Bermuda Half Marathon keeps me focused on what I need to do to reclaim advantage and reclaim life from the effects of paralytic polio and violence and now supporting our daughter as she struggles with mental illness.

During a moment in my session with Jeffrey I felt tired and defeated and cried tears from deep in my soul and then I paused and had a Scarlett O'Hara moment:

"With God as my witness they're not going to lick me..."

I'm going to continue to manage my life in a new way despite experiencing triggers from the past. I'm going to continue to maintain and build on all the gains I have made through partnering with Jeffrey since April of last year and tomorrow we head out to Jamaica Pond for 7 sweet and I presume sweaty miles but the joy is in the journey. I am excited to continue to manifest what I imagined in the unseen through the power of poetry into the visible as I train for the 2017 Bermuda Half Marathon.

What goal have you set?

To your health and wellness,

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