Monday, August 15, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Factory New & Crossing the River of Change

~Dr. Joe Dispenza

Facebook was kind enough to remind me that one year ago today I fell on my training run.

It was one of many turning points in my healing journey. I was taking on the half marathon distance and was going through so many emotions as I was training for the longest distance race I was going to run since running the 2009 Boston Marathon.

In September, I over did my training but nothing that Jeffrey Spratt,MT and his powerfully healing Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy could not take care of.

In last Thursday's treatment with Jeffrey, I realized that I had been so immersed in my past experiences that I did not have an opportunity to grieve all that I lived through. Now that I am partnering with Jeffrey, everything is healing and everything is moving through leaving healthy, clear energy in its wake. As Jeffrey worked to bring relief to my IT band letting me know it was pretty beat up, I said to him that I had an epiphany, "I no longer have to be afraid of my left leg." I went on to say, "Wait let me frame that in the positive. I have total confidence in my left leg. We have created a new left leg." "Factory new," Jeffrey replied. I felt my heart swell. Yes! I am a brand new car from the factory without a dent or a scratch on me. Jeffrey also echoed that he has total confidence in my left leg.

Training for the 2017 Bermuda Half Marathon feels so different from a year ago and so incredibly wonderful!

I have incorporated cross training on the Arc Trainer and Bike and can train smart.

With a year of powerful healing through partnering with Jeffrey, I am so much more in tune with my body rather than being at odds with my physical being.

I have the confidence to know that I can go the distance because I did it in January.

There's been a tonnage of stress in my life (to coin a phrase that Jeffrey uses) but I am harnessing the power of my mind to stay the course in my healing. I feel that delicious soreness that comes with training for a half marathon again, building strength in my strength training and cross training and enjoying our training runs.

I can feel the ongoing transformation of healing of my left leg. The stress in my life with our daughter's mental illness has taken a toll and when I feel the stress it tends to lock down in the areas where I am vulnerable from surgeries.

BUT Jeffrey takes extra time in the treatment to work out my left leg as only he can and we join our powerful intentions to have me fully experience that factory new leg.

I am having more and more moments of feeling the opening in my leg releasing the memories of paralytic polio and 5 traumatic orthopedic surgeries.

Last week Jeffrey did energy healing on my chakras. I can feel the congestion melting away from many many gynecological surgeries and the congestion in my heart from so much heartache.

When the old emotional trauma sensations emerge, or the old physical sensations from trauma arise, I tell myself that I am now transformed and I don't have to feel that way anymore. I deserve to be healed to feel joy, love and to be fully awake and alive!

It takes persistent and consistent effort to practice a new way of Being; to recondition my body to a new mind and to continue to recondition my mind but the rewards are so worth the effort because as I swim across the river of change, to quote Dr. Joe Dispenza, I become factory new!

To your health and wellness!

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