Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! The power of positive touch

I am so blessed to have found my way to the massage table of Jeffrey Spratt,MT, pioneer of the life saving Spratt Method of Muscular Therapies. As my regular readers know, I lived through contracting paralytic polio with a drug addicted mother who abandoned and neglected me. Three years later and for the next 5 years my father raped me. Once I hit puberty, he went from rape to rage with nightly beatings.

Everything was trapped in my body and try as I might to clear out the congestion and I must say I did an amazing job on my own having run the 2009 Boston Marathon and writing poetry and having my sights set on reclaiming my life.

Ten years ago my body was like a car engine that had no maintenance work done it and so it was slowly dying - I was slowly dying mind, body and soul. It was layers and layers of unhealed trauma, residuals from paralytic polio and 25+ surgeries.

In a little over a year, I've gone farther in my healing journey than in the past 9 years since being diagnosed with post polio syndrome.

In this afternoon's session with Jeffrey, I had a most strange experience that Jeffrey helped me to articulate. I felt the totality of the brutality yet I also felt a sense of wholeness and integration. Jeffrey suggested that it's like a raging fire. When you're in the midst of it it feels all consuming. Yet as you begin to extinguish the flames you see the damage but you realize it's all contained. Another analogy that came up was from Jeffrey helping his friend to clear the land to prepare it for farming. While you are in the midst of the muck and mire (funny Jeffrey used those words that I used so often in my poetry), you cannot see the forest for the trees. But you see there's a property line and you only have to clear up to that line. When you stop and take stock of the work you've done, you realize that while there is more work to be done, you gain perspective on how far you've come.

What was so amazing to me was how I was struggling to articulate what I was experiencing and Jeffrey was feeling it both with his hands and his heart. He said that it used to feel as though what happened to me was infinite and vast but today there was a definitive sense of there being a finite quality to the trauma. I told him there are no surprises. I know on every level everything that happened to me and now we can allow the healing to happen.

In last week's treatment, as Jeffrey worked with my right arm I felt a rush of emotion. "All I ever wanted was a hand to hold." In today's treatment, I was able to share with Jeffrey moments of medical procedures (many of which were a result of the assaults on my frail young body) when having a hand to hold would have been so healing. Jeffrey bore witness and compassionate presence to these tender memories while using the power of positive touch and a hand to hold to facilitate my body's natural capacity to heal from all that went before.

We always acknowledge and celebrate my incredible strength and resilience but I no longer have to bear this pain alone. I am worthy of positive touch and worthy of complete healing.

At last I reclaim advantage and reclaim life allowing this mind, body and soul to transform into the Being I was always meant to be.

To your health and wellness!

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