Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! The gift of compassionate presence, the power of positive touch and freedom!

Last week, Jeffrey Spratt,MT and I were blessed to be guests on The Jordan Rich Show. We talked about the pioneering work of the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy and how the power of positive touch heals.

Since April 19, 2015, I've partnered with Jeffrey to heal the effects of paralytic polio and 9 years of unrelenting violence. Week by week, layer by layer, we've been on an expedition to uncover and heal the wounds of a horrific past.

With Jeffrey's laser like focus with his hands and his compassionate presence that flows from his kind heart I am able to feel safe in being able to process traumatic memories that have long been held in my body that no talking therapy could ever touch.

As Jeffrey explained on Jordan's show: "When trauma happens 31 chemicals get released into our system. It's the fight or flight release. These become an imprint in the body. Life happens momentum continues and they get layered down, covered up and buried. As we are processing the metabolic waste trapped in the muscles through the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy, imprints come to the surface. Muscle memory/body memory, flashbacks or insight into the trauma happen. We are able to then deal with it in the present time. The client relives it in a much safer and healthier place."

When I was 5, I was paralyzed initially from the neck down as a result of paralytic polio. Three years later, my father began to sexually assault me and then once I reached puberty, beat me to quote him, "into the middle of next week."

I'd been struggling with reclaiming my arms. Every week Jeffrey would work with me and my arms allowing his warm hands to encourage my body's natural capacity to heal. He would stretch and open my arms allowing whatever memories needed to come to the surface to express themselves. One week I was able to experience the memory imprint of when I was a graceful ballerina. The following week I could feel the terror and being in a defensive mode not yet able to let go of the pain and terror.

And then last week, the flood gates opened and I could finally connect the dots to speak allowing myself to experience the feelings and memories while at the same time experiencing the healing thanks to the gift of compassionate presence, the power of positive touch and at last the freedom to heal the breach in the neuromuscular connections in my arms.

It's a miracle to experience the new connections and to see them manifest as having steadier and steadier hands on a more consistent basis with legible handwriting. Last week I poured a pot of tea with grace and ease. I can feel muscles building in my biceps and a steadier and stronger stroke when I swim.

Despite years and years of traditional therapy and even trying many kinds of body work modalities, I could not heal the wounds of trauma. Because often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain! What a blessing to be able to reclaim advantage and reclaim life and reclaim freedom and ease in every square inch of this beautiful earthly home of mine that had once been trampled on by invaders unaware of the precious treasure that lies within me.

To your health and wellness!

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