Monday, June 27, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Finishing Training for Finish at the 50!

On Saturday we ran what we affectionately call Billy's Hill by Boston College to have our final training run for Finish at the 50. Today I got in the pool at Wave Health and Fitness and did an hour of laps and strength training.

Boy am I sore!

One more workout tomorrow on the Arc Trainer and Bike, a 90 minute massage with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, two days of rest and a shake out run on Friday and I will be good to go for Finish at the 50 on Sunday celebrating freedom!

I remember this time last year. I was so incredibly nervous taking on my first race after a serious knee injury in December of 2014 but also exhilarated to be back on the racing circuit again setting goals not limits. When I told Jeffrey last year that I am no longer running as a survivor of paralytic polio and violence but as the runner I was always meant to be and that I want to run fast, he commented, "Ah to be swift of foot - like the god Mercury."

I developed new mantras:
Trust don't test and see if in fact that left knee has full range of motion or that the right IT band discomfort is gone. Just trust and act as if it has already manifested in reality.
Feel the joy in the challenge rather than experiencing a sense of struggle and overcoming. It's a whole new ball game now and as race director Dave McGillvray loves to say, "My game. My rules." Coincidentally he is the race director for the Finish at the 50. He wrote in my book, "The Last Pick," "Set goals not limits."
Focus on the healing not on the wound.
Feel the heal.
Focus on the wave not on the particle.
Love is stronger than fear.
I am an ambitious god.

And reflected on this poem that I wrote before I even met Jeffrey with whom I can finally Feel the Heal.

Feel the Heal

The Potter’s wheel with loving hands a figure forms brave and true
breaking mold cast by others, Triumphant Spirit shining through.
In likeness of Divine’s image, all excess baggage gently melts away
unbridled freedom, joy fired up whole without fringe or fray.
Rhythmic turnings ever so slowly, tender kindness she feels the heal
Potter pauses work now finished, she leaps from Potter’s wheel.
Color and shape beyond compare magnificent in radiant sun
going the distance helps others to heal fueling her 26.2 mile run.
Transcending transforming no pain can last,
grit and gratitude fill heart and soul
leave doubts and fears in dust of memories past
sights set clearly on finish line goal.
In the distance the Potter’s cheering
that Voice so clear rises above the din
she feels in every fiber of her Being this race is hers to win.
Pacing, persistent and patient in each moment she feels the heal
reminded of her humble true beginnings
blessed by grace on Potter’s wheel.

With all that work behind me and with continuing to gain momentum and enjoying my training, my race plan is to just go out and have fun! No pressure. No worrying about the clock. Just going out and running encumbered and free celebrating my independence reclaiming advantage and reclaiming life with every joyful step I take.

To your health and wellness!

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