Monday, June 13, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Quonset Air Show 4 Mile Road Race - Part III - After the Race Report: Transformation and Momentum

I was in a good kind of shock when I crossed the finish line and saw the finisher's clock with a time of 1:02:

I heard the cheers from Heidi, my Facebook friend who I met in real life before the race and my master muscular therapist, Jeffrey Spratt,MT as I came down the home stretch to the finish line. Usually Team McManus crosses the finish line together but Tom wanted to videotape me coming into the finish:

Heidi gave me a huge hug and she asked me if I had PR'ed it. "Yes," I said absolutely stunned by the time on the Finisher's Clock. She warmly and enthusiastically congratulated me and I could feel that she knew what this meant to me because she followed my journey on Facebook.

Tom got us bottles of water and I was still incredulous at what I had just done with the help of Tom and Gail, a once total stranger who we "just happened" to meet out on the course. That's the beauty of running; strangers become fast friends. And that's the wonder and mystery of life where you just know that there is some wonderful Force orchestrating the flow of life creating magic and mystery.

All the elements came together for me on race day. Months of training with running, cross training with the Arc Trainer and bike and in the pool at Wave Health and Fitness and strength training at home paid huge dividends on race day.

In my massage therapy session with Jeffrey the Wednesday before race day, I told him that in addition to clearing out the congestion from the recent stress in my life, I had a race coming up on Friday. "Yes indeed," he said to me. A powerful memory surfaced during the session. I experienced clarity and compassion connecting the dots of my life and liberating myself from the shackles of the past. No longer carrying around the terror of retaliation for speaking my Truth and being able to free my body from the traumatic memories allowed me to run unencumbered and free.

I had no idea while running what my splits were. I was running from the inside out enjoying this unique race experience with veterans and the military front and center and Tom, my amazing partner on and off the roads pacing me, supporting me, encouraging me and then teaming up with Gail to help me toward a personal best finish.

Jeffrey came over to congratulate us and we congratulated him on his first ever road race. He had done Sprint Tri's and Spartan races but never ran a road race.

We turned around and there was Gail with her husband. "And you must be Mary," he said to me warmly taking my hand in his two hands. "Yes," I said, and went on to tell him how amazing his wife was out on the course. We made introductions all around. Gail and I celebrated our amazing time both on the clock and our experience together out on the course. We could have exchanged information but somehow we instinctively knew that we would just let that experience be a magical moment in time with no need to take it beyond the finish line.

Jeffrey, Tom and I went to the parking lot. We changed from our sweaty race shirts into the commemorative race t-shirts (and yes that is the beauty of a runner's high - you can strip down to your sports bra and change into a dry shirt without giving it a second thought) and decided to get a "beer and a bite". We suggested going back to Tavern by the Sea where Tom and I had a delicious pre-race lunch and Jeffrey was totally on board with that.

We kicked back and savored the sunset, the food, a celebratory glass of wine for me and the guys had beer and marveled at what had just happened. Jeffrey ran his first road race. I PR'ed and we talked about Jeffrey's Hyannis Sprint Tri that was happening the next morning. It was a special and sacred time we shared together.

I am once again a woman transformed after a road race accomplishing a pace I thought was long gone. I had a runner's high and left so much that I no longer needed out on the course while filling myself up with my power, strength and confidence in my capacity to heal and be well. I am incredibly sore but did my strength training yesterday and will continue forward with my training regimen.

I am inspired and can feel momentum building as I head into the Finish at the 50 race on July 3rd.

It's all about being my personal best and when my personal best is reflected on the finisher's clock - well that's the icing on the cake and the cherry on top.

Since 2008, running has become my medicine and my therapy. It nourishes my neuromuscular system and cleanses from the inside out. Running at a pace that pushes my limits sheds and shreds the effects of paralytic polio and trauma.

I have reclaimed my advantage and reclaimed my life through the power of positive touch; a woman transformed and a woman gaining momentum in experiencing health and wellness.

To your health and wellness!

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