Friday, June 10, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! On Healing, Hope and Recovery

As Jeffrey Spratt,MT and I prepared for our upcoming appearance on The Jordan Rich Show, "Healing Trauma Through the Power of Positive Touch," I asked Jeffrey how/when he discovered that the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy is a powerful tool in facilitating the healing of trauma. Like all the great discoveries of healing that have happened through the ages, it was a culmination of circumstances that brought everything together and a natural discovery of what massage can do to aid in the recovery and healing of trauma.

I was enthralled to hear Jeffrey share with me his training in treating trauma through the Critical Incident Stress Management Teams in Massachusetts. "31 chemicals get dumped into your body when you experience a holy shit moment," Jeffrey shared with me. Physical and emotional imprints are left in the wake of trauma which if left untreated and unrecognized lead to dis-ease in mind, body and soul.

Early intervention - critical incident debriefing - is vital in facilitating the healing process in the wake of trauma. The more time that passes from the event to intervention, the more time the body, mind and soul have to "fossilize" the event or events.

Even though decades have passed since I experienced traumatic events, I am able to heal through the power of positive touch and Jeffrey's innovative method of massage therapy that allows for simultaneous uncovering and healing of the wounds of trauma. We are in the process of designing research protocols to begin collecting data to document the efficacy of the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy in treating trauma. It's all so amazing.

I'm sure everyone has read about the incident of rape at Stanford University. Joe Biden wrote an open letter to the survivor. Note - Please do not call her a victim. After reading the letter she wrote to the perpetrator, you know she is not a victim.

In my most recent treatment with Jeffrey, a powerful memory from the depths of my body, heart and soul surfaced. Jeffrey's compassionate presence and the trusting relationship I have developed with him during this past year and the cumulative benefits of our work together allowed this memory to finally release. It was both excruciating and healing to let go. And as I lay curled up in the fetal position on my side with Jeffrey's arm underneath me to provide support while he massaged the tightness in my right shoulder, I felt exhausted and wanted to rest. In the quiet safe space of Jeffrey's treatment room and being cared for mind, body and soul, I was able to feel the adrenaline still pouring into my body.

"I told," I said out loud. "I told and now I can't relax because I'm afraid of retaliation."

"You're safe now," Jeffrey reminded me.

I had felt my breathing would never return to normal and I would never be able to take a deep breath again but the body knows what to do to heal and recover once we have a compassionate presence with us to help our bodies go through what they need to go through in order to release the trauma. Our bodies instinctively know what to do to restore goodness as Peter Levine writes about in "In An Unspoken Voice: How the body releases trauma and restores goodness."

I began to take deep breaths and we stayed together in the quiet. Jeffrey liberated his arm and finished the treatment infusing strength and healing down the right side of my body. He told me several times to take my time getting up and getting dressed.

When Jeffrey came back into the room I told him I was connecting the dots of my life and experiencing incredible clarity and deep compassion for myself. I could not find comfort anywhere! I was going to physical therapy three times/week and seeing a physiatrist to recover from paralytic polio but I could not tell Miss Holly or Dr. Moskowitz about what I was subjected to every night at home. I was fighting for my life on all fronts. And then even though my father inflicted the most horrific torture on me, I was responsible for cleaning up the mess of his life after he suicided in August of 1971.

"I'm strong," I declared to Jeffrey.

"Yes," he said in a warm, quiet voice. "And worthy and beautiful."

Yes indeed and thanks to partnering with Jeffrey, being blessed by the teachings of Peter Levine, Dr. Joe Dispenza and having been blessed by Dr. Ryan I can say unequivocally to the survivor of the Stanford rape and men and women everywhere who have experienced trauma that you CAN reclaim advantage and reclaim life...there is healing...there is hope and there IS recovery.

To your health and wellness,

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