Thursday, June 30, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! The Jordan Rich Show - 8 Years Later

Last Saturday morning was my final appearance on the Jordan Rich Show. After 20 years of late night talk radio, Jordan will be signing off the air this weekend.

Jordan loves bringing inspirational people on air to share their stories of faith, courage and overcoming whatever challenges life presents to them. He is also a champion of good causes and during these past 8 years has become a dear friend and supporter of all things Team McManus.

My first appearance was in June 2008 after running my first 5K race ever and as I embarked on the journey of a lifetime to run the 2009 Boston Marathon.

He had Team McManus come on the show after we ran the marathon to share our experience.

In 2010, Jordan had me on the show to launch my book, "Set Sail for a New World: Healing a Life Through the Gift of Poetry".

He was gracious to write the Foreword to my book:
"Her words sing on their own, but when you get to know this warm, energetic and loving soul, those words take on an even greater meaning. Mary's style of poetry is just what folks need in these cynical times. Read her words, feel better and get to know a beautiful new friend." (From the Foreword written by Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston Host).

There was a show with a round table discussion on ending polio with Rotary International and two body workers I partnered with who were not the real deal but Jordan was so gracious to have me produce shows with them in the spotlight talking about their healing modalities.

In September 2014, Jordan had me return to the show to talk about my memoir, "Coming Home: A Memoir of Healing, Hope and Possibility."

We stayed in touch enjoying our friendship, getting together for coffee and a bagel and I had the wonderful opportunity to see Jordan on Stage in "Love Letters."

A couple of my friends were fund raising and championing good causes and I reconnected with Jordan in his radio show host role sharing good works with his listeners.

And then I was inspired to ask him if he'd like to do a show on "Healing Trauma Through the Power of Positive Touch."

He loved the idea and see that's the kind of guy that Jordan is. Never mind that I brought on a couple of guests who were less than stellar in their professionalism and on air ... Jordan trusted me and honored my journey. We also decided that part of the message of the show should be that there are a lot of people out there who may not be providing the care needed to heal; so never give up on the quest and keep searching.

I did keep searching and was blessed to bring Jordan's listeners up to date on my healing journey with the message that I have been able to reclaim advantage and reclaim life after devastating events of paralytic polio, violence, family suicides and the Boston Marathon bombings by partnering with Jeffrey Spratt,MT pioneer of the life saving Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy.

We had an incredible time at the studio thanks to Jordan being the host with the most:

And an incredible show that was an opportunity for me to share the pioneering work of a dear friend, healer and business owner who is so passionate about the power of positive touch and helping everyone reclaim advantage and reclaim life!

Eight years later - what a magnificent journey and what a blessing to have shared many special moments with my dear friend Jordan Rich on WBZ Talk Radio.

To your health and wellness!

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