Saturday, May 21, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Every breath I take......

This morning on Facebook my memory was from two years ago and I was celebrating the fact, in that post, that I was able to do 3 laps with a kick board in the pool at Spaulding Rehab's Aquatics Facility. Boy have I come a long way baby!!! I now swim for an hour a week at the pool at Wave Health and Fitness and do strength training in the pool. Two years ago I would struggle through every work out and while I was running, I had to really push myself to get through runs.

On April 15, 2015, I was blessed to find my way to Jeffrey Spratt,MT's massage table where, for the past year, we have partnered together to enable me to go the distance in healing the effects of paralytic polio and violence in mind, body and soul.

Little by little, layer by layer, using hands as skilled as a surgeon's hands and with Jeffrey bearing compassionate presence to all the pain and horror of my past, I heal.

One area that is particularly vulnerable to stress (and as I have mentioned recently there has been a lot of stress in my life) is my throat and my breathing. It's something that I have learned to live with through the years and truthfully I had no idea how, when or if this area could ever be healed given the depth of the trauma I experienced in this area following the devastating effects of paralytic polio.

But in my most recent treatment with Jeffrey, he courageously used all of his skill to bring healing to these areas. This is where his innovative Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy brings about results.

In my meditation I have become aware of my relationship to these parts of my body along with what I can do to create change and healing.

Partnering with Meghan Zipin, yoga therapist and owner of Peony and the Bee Yoga, we are opening and healing these areas through the power of yoga therapy. I can bring the memory imprint of her healing touch and cues to my breath to expand my lungs and experience healing in my ribs. I'm excited about Monday's session with Meghan to continue to reclaim my throat and breath making them, as I said to Jeffrey in my most recent treatment, "factory new."

During this morning's meditation, I realized that I am shifting from sensations of things being done to me (an uncomfortable yet very important part of the process) to realizing that through the power of positive touch, Jeffrey and I have unleashed my body's tremendous capacity to heal.

I gave myself permission to breathe and live again!

I realized I needed affirmations to counter the terror of what had been done to me:

I deserve to breathe
I deserve to feel good in my body
I deserve to live a full and vibrant life
I deserve to experience flow and grace and ease in my body
I deserve to be loved and comforted
I deserve to run and live free and unencumbered
I deserve to have all the pain of the past healed
I deserve to be treated well
I deserve to feel the power of Divine Intelligence flow through me
I deserve to feel well
I deserve to condition my body to a new mind and I deserve to condition a new mind creating new ways of being
I deserve to have fun and a sense of play
I deserve goodness and peace in mind, body and soul

I'm truly blessed to have experienced all that I have lived through because I feel a deep sense of gratitude to be alive. I take nothing for granted. I know that every step I take - every breath I take - is a gift. I am so blessed that I can reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life healing all that went before stepping into a full and vibrant deliciously adventurous and joyous way of Being.

To your health and wellness,

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