Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Transformation Tuesday - Am I better off now than I was a year ago? - You bet I am!

During political campaigns the candidates seeking election ask, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

It will be one year on 4/19/16 that I began my partnership with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, pioneer of the life changing Spratt Method of Muscular Therapies.

We met on #OneBostonDay and I remember it so clearly. I was an emotional mess but keeping it together to support other survivors and their families focusing on resiliency and fortitude while also having the opportunity to take time for my own healing at the Service at Old South Church. I had my appointment already scheduled with Jeffrey after a 4am search for a new massage therapist and Roy who made my appointment suggested that I take time to go up and meet Jeff who was volunteering his time and talent to support everyone on the 2nd anniversary of 4/15/13. I knew they were going to have chair massage as part of OneBostonDay and I was on a quest to find a new massage therapist who would and could go the distance with me.

"Oh you're the one Roy was telling me about," Jeffrey said as he extended his hand to me. I took a deep breath and said that I just needed to get through this day. I briefly told him where I was on 4/15/13 and he said, "I'm going to give you a hug." It was the first of many healing hugs that he has given me during this past year.

As he connected with me by working through the sheets and introducing my body to his hands through the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy, he said, "Excuse me but could you please remind me where you were on April 15th?" His warmth and compassion touched my body, heart and soul. He went on to ask me "What leg are we rehabbing?" and I somehow knew that my life was going to change forever.

Jeffrey supported me through the Anniversary of 4/15/13 and the trial. I began venturing out on the roads again and signed up for my first road race, Finish at the 50 at Gillette Stadium since my knee injury in December of 2014.

Our treatment focus was on me reclaiming my advantage as a runner. I had a fabulous Finish at the 50 run and right then and there decided to sign on for the Bermuda Half Marathon. When Jeffrey returned from his July 4th vacation he had been following my news on Facebook and was totally on board with helping me prepare for Bermuda mind, body and soul.

Somewhere in there, as I began to feel safe and trust Jeffrey, the walls came tumbling down and we began to excavate and heal the wounds from childhood sexual assault and violence. We are still digging and still healing but oh my goodness...the transformation is miraculous.

In addition to my running accomplishments

I am swimming, volunteering and running with the Boston Bulldogs Running Club, cross training using the Arc Trainer and bike at Wave Health and Fitness and venturing into the wonderful world of boxing next week!

My body has such resilience and I am able to recover after putting it through the rigors of working at and growing Spratt Muscular Therapies and increasing the intensity of my workouts. While I still have triggers, I have such clarity of the source of triggers and being able to sift and sort thoughts and behaviors from the past from what is happening in the present. To quote Dr. Joe Dispenza, I am, through meditation and visualization and the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy and the power of positive touch, reconditioning my body to a new mind!

One year ago at this time I was still suffering with the effects of paralytic polio and violence. This year I am healing, healthy and well enjoying a full vibrant life reclaiming my advantage and my life from the thieves who tried to steal it away from me. One year later -- am I better off than I was on 4/5/15? YOU BET I AM!!!

To your health and wellness,

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