Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Boston Day - A Proclamation - A Reflection on 4/15/15

I love how Mayor Walsh worded the Mayoral Proclamation making 4/15 One Boston Day in perpetuity.

He used the language of caring for ourselves and caring for each other emphasizing values of resilience, strength and generosity. He suggested that we protect one another and give back to the people and the places of the City we all love.

Last year marked the first One Boston Day.

I was blessed, honored and privileged to participate in the first One Boston Day at Old South Church, as a survivor of 4/15/13, a survivor of horrific trauma as a child and a social worker to support survivors and their families and to talk about the theme of the day which was Resilience.

So much has healed since the first anniversary of 4/15. What a contrast between Mayor Walsh's proclamation about One Boston Day and this proclamation from President Obama on 4/18/2013:

The first anniversary was heart and gut wrenching with memorial tributes and everyone gathering in one place to bring comfort and begin the process of healing the wounds.

Last year we were able to both gather as a community but without the need to cling tightly to one another. There were celebrations and remembrances across the City as everyone found a way to experience the day in their own way to move forward without forgetting.

4/15/15 was a day for me to give back, to receive healing and it was the day that I met Jeffrey Spratt,MT. Through his Service to the community providing chair massage to survivors and families,

we were brought together. It was the beginning of a partnership blessed by the Universe to bring Jeffrey's powerful message of reclaiming life and reclaiming advantage through the power of positive touch; that no matter what happens to us we possess an inner strength and resilience to overcome whatever may happen to us.

4/15/13 shook us to our core. Every year now into perpetuity we will honor and remember; celebrate resilience and embrace ourselves and each other reminding ourselves what it means to experience the very essence of our humanity.

To your health and wellness!

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