Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! - Reclaiming My Body

It is a miracle that I found my way to Jeffrey Spratt,MT, a "gifted muscular therapist" (to quote Dr. Sanjiv Chopra) who refused to settle for the way massage is typically practiced. He does not integrate different modalities nor does he follow any of the so called "gurus" in the field who tout a particular method or protocol for treating the body. He was inspired to develop a new way to practice muscular therapy that is effective in healing trauma. Jeffrey was trained in trauma treatment through the Critical Incident Stress Management Teams. He incorporated his training in treating trauma with his gift of the power of positive touch. I and so many are the beneficiaries of this method.

I was raped and beaten; tortured and tormented as a child. Just 3 years after contracting paralytic polio the violence began. My little body did not have a chance to heal from the ravages of paralytic polio and by the time I was 52 years old, my body began to break down. It was in part due to the physical effects of paralytic polio and violence and in large part due to the one two punch that polio and violence took on my mind, my heart and my soul.

But now at the age of 62 years old I get to reclaim my advantage, reclaim my life and reclaim my body through the work I am doing with Jeffrey, through my own fiery spirit and determination, through meditation and visualization, through the works of Dr. Bernie Siegel and Dr. Joe Dispenza and the wonderful resources I have at Wave Health and Fitness. I'm so grateful for the love, support and encouragement I receive from the staff at Wave, especially Mariama Jordan who is the Fitness Director.

Jeffrey recently said to me with a humble heart that he is an instrument of the Universe. He is intuitive and in tune with what I need and I have found my voice to let him know what I need to heal. It's taken almost a year but I can finally trust Jeffrey and feel safe with him. We peel back the layers of trauma and I am able to feel and say what I was unable to say and feel at the time of the trauma. I feel empowered, strong, confident in my mind, body and soul's ability to heal.

There is space and distance between my past and my present self. I can recognize when my reactions are based on conditioning from the past and I am free to now make choices.

I'm really excited about changing up my training. I am going to take spin classes and use the Arc Trainer for cross training. This is my "off season" where I am not training for races. It's an optimal time to see just what this body can do as I move forward in my healing journey; as I reclaim my body and heal all that went before.

After all, "It's a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable."

To your health and wellness,

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