Saturday, March 12, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! The joy of off season running

In Thursday's treatment with Jeffrey Spratt,MT as I bemoaned the state of my left knee and leg, Jeffrey was so reassuring as he suggested to me that this is my off season so I can take it easy not having any races to train for until July 3rd's Finish at the 50. I took a week off from running and did a lot of cross training and strength training. I am using this time to up level my core training and to continue to heal from the late effects of paralytic polio that took a toll on me mind, body and soul. After an incredible treatment with Jeffrey that addressed the tightness in my left leg and knee and continued to address healing the effects of trauma, I woke up this morning ready for a run! I couldn't help but think back to December of 2014/January of 2015 when, after I experienced knee pain while on a run and what a different it makes partnering with Jeffrey. His energy and confidence in the body's ability to heal and recover through the work he does as a muscular therapist is infectious!

It was only fitting that after the 5th anniversary of my nephew's suicide that was a culmination of years of struggling with drug and alcohol abuse on 3/4 and the anniversary of that horrific week back in 2011 that Tom and I decided to do our morning run with the Boston Bulldogs Running Club.

We were blessed to meet the Bulldogs at their Wellness Seminar on February 24th. Many of the members are training for their first half marathon, The Fool's Dual Half on 4/3 in Gloucester. Tom and I are delighted that since it is our off season we will be able to go up to Gloucester and cheer them on! We didn't know that the early group meeting at 9am were going out for their long training run in preparation for the race. It was awesome to meet up with them and feel the energy and anticipation of training for a "first". We sent them off on their run and returned at 10 to Starbucks for the twice around the Reservoir run/walk group.

It was a perfect Spring day. The sun was shining and the water was sparkling and glistening reflecting the sunshine. Ducks were back in the water and there were throngs of runners training for Boston. I opted for race walking to minimize the pounding on my knee joint. The energy and camaraderie of being out there with The Bulldogs increased the joy of the run.

We walked over to the Reservoir from Starbucks and I bounded effortlessly up the concrete stairs. I decided to run "naked" without Nike+ since after all it is my off season. I usually pause and take water at each mile but today I went 1.6 miles around and then stopped for a water break. It was cool to pass runners and walkers going in the opposite direction saying to each other, "Go Bulldogs."

After our 2nd time around we noticed Mike Ferullo, founder of the Bulldogs and a group of Bulldogs in the parking lot. I have never been able to go down the concrete stairs by the Reservoir. There is no bannister to hold onto and so I always opted to go down the ramp. Today there was a spring in my step and confidence and strength in my body after going 3.2 miles at a solid pace with only one stop. With focus and determination I walked down those steps feeling that every day in every way I reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life.

We met up with Mike and talked about the upcoming race and vigil happening on 5/22.

There will be more to come about Bulldog happenings in my blog so stay tuned.

For today I am feeling deeply blessed and grateful to have experienced the joy of off season running with an amazing, inspiring and wonderful group in the community of the Boston Bulldogs!

To your health and wellness!

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