Thursday, March 3, 2016

Camp Hyannis Weekend: Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! - Recovery!

Leg cramps and an aching left foot woke me up in the middle of the night on Sunday. I really didn't care. I had an amazing race and an amazing race weekend in the books and know that no matter what may be going on in my body, it can be healed. Having access to appointments at Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC, makes it easy for me to book an appointment. Fortunately, Jeffrey had an opening for a ShakeOut on Monday to help with my recovery.

One thing dear readers that I would like for you to understand is what a blessing it is, how it is the total grace to partner with Jeffrey. I emphasize the word partner. I know that as long as I am mindful about how hard I push myself and make sure I take my rest and recovery days that we can work together to fix whatever may be going on in this body of mine and move beyond the effects of paralytic polio and violence.

I did a gentle pool workout to stretch and continue to flush my body and then had my appointment with Jeffrey. He hugged me so warmly and congratulated me on my/our magnificent weekend and run.

I took off my running shoes and socks and told him what was going on. As Jeffrey tenderly took my foot to examine it closer he knelt down and brought my foot across his thigh. "Hmm I've not seen anything like this before. It's isolated and seems to be in the pinky toe joint. "All right. Let me see what I can do!"

I told him about the cramps in my left calf but also about how I wouldn't change a thing. Jeffrey can massage a calf or a quad with one hand and he brings deep healing through his touch. I could feel energy flow and the cues to accelerate my body's recovery from my race. How remarkable that his touch and pioneering method of muscular therapy have been able to pierce the pain from my past and the wall of vigilance and protection is dismantled. I can heal the past and recover after challenging myself out on the roads.

Sunday evening I posted this in the Badasses Kicking Butt group I am part of on Facebook: I am feeling particularly badass tonight. I so wanted to break 1:40 for my 10K and I did! 1:39:34 - a 16:02 pace at the Hyannis 10K which I haven't seen since I returned to running after my injury. That's only 4 minutes off of my Tufts 10K PR in 2014. I thought of Billy Mills who says how do you improve by 2 minutes....

and am filled with hope and possibility once more feeling the exhilaration of actually racing again and pushing myself right to my threshold! Race report to follow but for right now basking in the afterglow of my badassery!

This is my soul work to triumph over tragedy and to show others what is possible.

To trust in the body's ability to heal and recover with proper training and care.

To interpret everything as healing and getting stronger and feeling confident and strength in my physicality.

I have shifted from one who is frightened from being terrorized and terrified in being able to trust in my body after collapsing from paralytic polio to now feeling like a badass.

That's a wrap for blogs about Camp Hyannis Weekend 2016! I am still feeling the miracle, magic and wonder of it all. Five years after I last crossed the finish line of the Hyannis 10K, I returned as one who has reclaimed advantage and reclaimed life!

To your health and wellness!

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