Saturday, March 5, 2016

38 Years Later and Still Running Strong: Now that's something to celebrate!

When we looked out onto the magnificent harbor view outside of our 17th floor room at the Seaport Hotel Boston this morning,

we saw what remained of Anthony's Pier 4. Tom and I smiled at each other remembering how we were supposed to have our wedding reception on the Peter Stuyvesant Ship moored next to Anthony's on 3/4/1978....the ship sunk in the blizzard of '78. Tom and I joke that while the ship sank our marriage has been blessed to stay afloat all these many years.

This year is the first year that Team McManus celebrated our wedding anniversary in five years. On 3/4/2011, we received an email that said terrible news and told us that my beloved nephew Charlie Alper took his life by jumping off of his fishing vessel into the frigid waters off of Point Judith Rhode Island. While I felt pangs of grief here and there and there was a man who was the spitting image of my nephew in Tamo where we had our anniversary dinner celebration, the mood of the last two days have been festive and celebratory. Tom and I also shared a lot of deep belly laughs with different moments we shared; moments that happen when two people have been together for a lifetime.

We won a raffle at a fund raiser back in December for a one night's stay at the Seaport Boston Hotel with breakfast for two the next morning. We decided that our anniversary would be the perfect time to cash in on that raffle prize.

I posted on a Facebook post that Seaport Boston Hotel shared about special rates this week. I was so excited to share that we were going to be celebrating our anniversary there never dreaming that the woman at the front desk checking us in would be smiling from ear to ear as she welcomed us to the Seaport or that this is what we would find when we entered our room on the 17th floor of the Seaport:

We were planning to go to Legal Harborside for dinner but it was snowing, windy and cold and we decided to go to Tamo.

The food and service was impeccable and we were surprised by our waiter bringing out a dessert with a candle on it. Two decadent chocolate dipped strawberries and flan:

This morning after doing core work in the room in preparation for our 4 mile run today, we went to Aura to have the breakfast buffet. Once again the service was impeccable and the food beyond compare. It's so special to be in a place where everyone knew us from my work at Spratt Muscular Therapies and everyone was genuinely happy to join in the celebration of our 38 years of marriage acknowledging that is really something special to celebrate.

Our server Michael said "Cheers to 38 years," as he poured our freshly squeezed Orange Juice:

What a treat for me to experience the Seaport Boston Hotel as a guest as well as someone who takes great pride in being a part of the team bringing excellence with the amenities of Wave Health and Fitness, Spratt Muscular Therapies and being able to talk about the exquisite experiences at Tamo, Aura as well as the Seaport Cafe where I have spent many a lunch hour enjoying their wonderful food, fresh brewed decaf coffee and a wonderful ambiance to work.

What wonderful healing and transformation has happened for me and for Team McManus during these past five years. We are Team McManus and 38 years later we are still running strong. Now that's something to celebrate and thanks to the staff at the Seaport Boston Hotel and our wonderful friends on Facebook and in real life, we sure did!

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