Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reclaim Advantage...Reclaim Life: Clearing and Healing

The process of healing the effects of paralytic polio and trauma reminds me of the healing process for someone who has experienced burns. There is a painful process of debridement; going layer by layer so healthy tissue can grow. In addition to being the leader in sports massage therapy in Boston and weekly treatments help me to go the distance in running, Jeffrey Spratt is also trained in understanding the effects of trauma. He has combined his knowledge of trauma and how people recover from trauma with his knowledge and belief of how the power of positive touch, in the right hands, heals.

After 9 years of being on a healing quest, I have FINALLY found someone who uses a method that heals; someone willing and able to go the distance with me. It's a combination of the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy, Jeffrey's intention to help all who come to his table to reclaim advantage and reclaim life and using his intuition, and my powerful intention to heal; digging deep to find the courage to allow all that went before to surface and now at last heal.

For the first time in my healing journey I realize that in fact what happened to me really happened to me. There is awareness and clarity and I am no longer afraid to feel terror, grieving and to face how close I came to death and to being killed.

With clearing the landscape of my body from the effects of paralytic polio and moving out the debris and gunk from violence, my energy can flow. New neuromuscular connections are happening that enable me to get stronger, run on the roads and in my life with cleaner, more efficient energy.

There are moments of complete stillness in my body; a wellspring of happiness, joy and gratitude that I made it through that horrible mess. There is a feeling of invincibility combined with a greater sense of ease in my body and in my life.

In last week's treatment, Jeffrey and I identified how I was conditioned to beatings and other forms of violence and torture. But just as I was once conditioned, I can experience reconditioning of mind, body and soul. Jeffrey partners with me every week to heal the places that were once torched and scorched bringing a warm healing touch that nourishes the growth of new cells, nerves and muscles. He bears compassionate presence and is grounded and strong to steady my once frayed nervous system allowing my strength and power to surface and prevail.

While I always had my unseen helpers by my side to make it through, it is an incredible comfort and a blessing to have an earthly presence to now help me to reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life clearing and healing and allowing clear, clean energy to flow nourishing my body back to health and wholeness.

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