Saturday, February 20, 2016

Reclaim Advantage - Reclaim Life: Countdown to Hyannis 2016

Today was Team McManus' final training run before next Sunday's Hyannis 10K. It was a gorgeous day for a run and we were overdressed. The forecast was for rain but the clouds broke, blue skies and sunshine came through and we unzipped layers and soaked up the preview of Spring time.

During this morning's meditation I was able to get in touch with both the pain of contracting paralytic polio and how much the experience really sucked and the gift of experiencing paralytic polio and being diagnosed with post polio syndrome 9 years ago.

I allowed myself to grieve for a childhood interrupted and peeled back the layers of feeling shame, humiliation, an outcast, not being able to keep up and deep compassion for all that I had endured. The memory of Jeffrey Spratt, MT's healing hands and heart facilitate the continued healing and liberation from my past way beyond my time on the table. I breathed deeply, allowed tears to flow and then got my mind in gear to take on the day.

Tom and I did our plank. I played around in plank with lifting up one hand and then the other and even attempted a push up. After plank, crunches and then clams with weights.

It was supposed to be an easy shake out run. On Thursday I ran hard, especially in the cold. Something happened inside of me once we got outside as Tom ran beside me.

I pushed my pace and when all was said and done I had taken 4 seconds/mile off of Thursday's run.

I usually run on Tuesday and Saturdays with a massage therapy session with Jeffrey on Thursdays which is my rest day. Friday is an easy core workout and rest day. I did today's run after a rigorous strength training workout yesterday. My massage therapy session this week was on Tuesday because Jeffrey was going away for school vacation with his family.

I feel transformation happening and I have a vision for what this body looks like and feels like. Tom is so wonderful in that he constantly reminds me that for the effort I put out when I run, I am running the equivalent of an 8 or 9 minute mile for someone who has not experienced a spinal cord injury and then endured 9 years of violence.

But in the moments of our training run incorporating hills I embodied the transformation feeling that I was running swift, with ease, unencumbered and thoroughly enjoyed pushing myself to my edge. I reminded myself that just a month ago I ran the Bermuda Half Marathon and had trained intensely for 6 months before that. Prior to partnering with Jeffrey, I would have crashed and burned by now. Instead I feel that I am breathing new life into myself and that rather than aging and experiencing a contraction in my life, I am experiencing a blossoming of myself mind, body and soul.

Therein lies the combination of the power of positive touch and my own fiery Spirit and determination to go the distance and heal completely letting others know what is possible.

I will admit that yesterday, as I took on new strength training challenges, I was feeling frustrated and questioned why I was putting myself through all of this. Those feelings did not last long.

As I clear away the debris from the past I can feel how now I can reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life. I feel momentum and I feel such excitement for next weekend. The buzz on Facebook gives me goosebumps. We will be meeting up with Glenn who we met in the airport in Bermuda, several of my new dear running friends and then there is always the joy of reconnecting with our Camp Hyannis friends; friends who we see only once a year in Hyannis but stay in touch with on Facebook.

And then of course I get to see Bill Rodgers again! It is always such a joy to talk with him about running, reminiscing and getting caught up on what is happening in our lives. It was so amazing to meet Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers in Hyannis in 2009 when I was running my first half marathon training for Boston.

I have a few pre race jitters although I know I am very well trained going into the race. Jeffrey's help with my mental preparation for the Finish at the 50 5K last July, my comeback race and preparing for the Bermuda Half hold me in very good stead going into race weekend.

I'll have a massage therapy session with him on Wednesday and then have a ShakeOut Massage on Friday to keep me loose and make sure I am race ready mind, body and Spirit. We have printed out the map and Tom and I will drive the course once we arrive next Saturday.

I feel such joy and gratitude in my heart; strength in my body and deep in my bones and am counting down to Hyannis 2016 to running a race I have not been able to run in 5 years. But now I can because I reclaim advantage, reclaim life and experience powerful momentum in my healing journey.

To your health and wellness,

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