Monday, February 22, 2016

Reclaim Advantage Reclaim Life: Signs and Synchronicity-A Magical Monday

During my morning meditation I asked the Divine to help me create a wonderful day. It's Monday. The start of a new day and the start of a new week. I had a wonderful weekend pushing my limits getting ready to run the Hyannis 10K next Sunday. I cleared away the energy from a few trauma dreams and felt a smile come across my face. I reflected on gratitude and how my past is moving through and in its wake leaving healing and beautiful clean energy that helps to fuel happy and positive thoughts. Happy and positive thoughts facilitate healing.

I took this photo and posted on Facebook:

Good Monday Morning! Let the magic of a new day begin!

As I opened my work in box there was an email from one of our loyal clients at Spratt Muscular Therapies letting us know that she referred a friend to us and really hopes he calls. "He needs a really intense muscle massage." I let her know how referring a client to us is the highest compliment she could possibly give us.

Within a few moments, I received a notification that our newest staff member, Regina Fox liked our Facebook page which means we are only two likes away from 300 likes. My how our visibility has grown since I came on board as the Communications and Public Relations Director just 6 months ago when our Facebook page had only 40 something likes.

A word about magic and meeting Regina. We arrived super early to Logan Airport as we were getting ready to head to Bermuda last month. She was standing in the "Be Well" space that offers chair massage to travelers. I wanted to take a photo to post on Facebook of daybreak at Logan Airport. I asked her if I could come through to take a photo. I paused after I took the photo and as I so often do began a conversation with her. It was as though we were old friends; there was a wonderful connection happening. I told her about my journey and healing I am experiencing partnering with Jeffrey Spratt, MT at Spratt Muscular Therapies. We exchanged contact information. Regina shared with me how there are no accidents; how she does not work on Thursdays and never works at Terminal A but somehow she found herself there that day. She will be joining the Team at Spratt Muscular Therapies on March 1st.

I found a parking space as soon as I came down D Street.

Riding up in the elevator to Wave Health and Fitness I saw an advertisement for a book, "From Impossible to Inevitable." Impossible goals ... inevitable successes. Yes! That certainly is a powerful affirmation about my journey and what I blogged about this weekend. I checked in on Facebook about cross training for Hyannis 2016 and a wonderful stream followed filled with wonderful connections.

As I walked into Wave Health, one of the veterans I worked with at the VA was waiting for his appointment with a personal trainer and then to see Jeffrey. He is visually impaired so his cousin drives him to appointments. His cousin was also having a treatment with Jeffrey. My veteran said to me, "Oh my goodness. I was just asking about you." We hugged and he asked me if he could take me to lunch. He reminded me of how much I helped him when I worked at the VA and said, "Come on. I have to pay it back some way." I got choked up.

The pool was empty and a delicious 84 degrees yet they were refilling the pool with cold water at one end after a week and weekend of kids splashing and playing. As I did my laps it was refreshing to experience the contrast of the cold water. My heart overflowed with gratitude for all the bounty and blessings in my life. As I was getting ready in the locker room, Katy Perry's "Roar" came on - yet another reminder of the where I have come from and the path I am now on:

While my veteran's cousin was waiting for my veteran to finish his treatment, he told me that he could not believe how wonderful his legs felt. He said that it was the best massage he ever had! My veteran said that he feels very excited about working with a trainer and coming into town every couple of weeks to get himself back in shape and work with Jeffrey.

There were more emails and messages about scheduling appointments with Jeffrey for after Hyannis and everyone getting excited and making plans for meeting up this weekend.

I asked the Divine to help me co-create a wonderful day. When I took the photo of the sun, I put out the intention for a magical Monday. I had a wonderful workout in the pool and can feel how, since partnering with Jeffrey I am able to flow through life with ease and anticipating goodness...I am a champion who reclaims my advantage and reclaims my life after experiencing horrific events, now clear enough and unafraid partnering with the Divine to experience all the magic that life has to offer.

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