Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reclaim Advantage - Reclaim Life: On Freedom and Transformation

Yesterday's treatment with Jeffrey Spratt, pioneer of the life saving Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy and Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC was a profound transformative experience. I was able to move from experiencing the abuse to remember myself as a beautiful five-year-old ballerina.

As the the Muzak massage music played in the background it reminded me of a music box with a little ballerina twirling around and it helped to trigger the positive body memory of when I danced before being stricken by paralytic polio and before all the abuse happened. Jeffrey attended to both the emotional and the physical wounds of my past and I allowed myself to be fully aware of everything that was happening in my body as my subtle body worked to free myself from the shackles of the past. At one point Jeffrey touched the trigger point on my wrist using acupressure which is something he had not done before yesterday. I could feel the shackles of being held down during child molestation being released. After he touched the trigger point I moved my wrist in circles and I said to him the shackles are now off.

It's a sacred, magical,and mystical journey that I'm on.

I went to Jeffrey because I am a runner. I was injured and I wanted to run again. A huge part of that injury that I experienced was because I was still experiencing the residual effects from paralytic polio and abuse in my body.

I felt a strong connection to other polio survivors who are not as fortunate as I was. I shared with Jeffrey how sadly the research shows that polio survivors had a very high incidence of being abused. And Jeffrey said with such compassion because they were unable to fight back. And that was the truth. Unfortunately there are people who are predators and prey on the weak and the vulnerable. But there also heroes and amazing people like my physical therapist Miss Holly and Dr. Moskowitz from when I contracted polio and my first physical therapist Allison Lamarre Poole from Spaulding Rehab when I began my journey with post polio syndrome who are dedicated to helping people heal.

During the treatment I also felt a profound connection to women who have been abused and feel that my voice will lend a voice to the community of women who survived sexual assault especially as a child. I want us all to know in every fiber of our being that we no longer need to perpetuate the cycle of abuse. Jeffrey has a deep understanding of what it means to have experienced childhood molestation and abuse and he uses his healing hands and heart to guide me on my fantastic voyage of healing. He tends to the hurt and battered child within and we put words to all the horror to release it and let it go. As he massaged my neck, shoulders and worked deep into my scapula he acknowledged the terrible burdens I carried as a child.

I realized that I worked with massage therapists and body workers who were predators and abusers and had their own pain and suffering that would get acted out in the treatment relationship. It's such a blessing to work with Jeffrey both on the table as his client and as his Communications and Public Relations Director who gives voice to the power of positive touch to heal trauma and to share the results of his practice being the leader in sports massage therapy in Boston. He is remarkably talented, incredibly intuitive, warm, compassionate, loving with a delightful sense of humor and play and clear about his intention for the work. He enjoys my sense of play when I sing or lip sync during our meetings at Cosi or if songs or pop culture randomly come to us either in our meetings or during a treatment. We have similar tastes in movies, music and TV shows. It's a wonderful partnership!

In yesterday's treatment I felt that we are rescuing me from my past. I have choices now. I am free to create every day. I am free to create my life and my choices and I am free to experience the joy of being back at work. I experience freedom to create the present moment rather than react with a conditioned response of fear and terror from the past. It is a miracle that indeed we can reclaim advantage and reclaim life no matter what circumstances we have experienced. I am conditioning my body to my new mind; to the memories of a graceful, incredibly flexible ballerina before anything happened to me and I transform from the terror of my childhood to an incredibly powerful, resilient, strong yet graceful woman. I am creating a healed, whole, integrated mind/body/Spirit. Through liberating myself from the shackles of my past my hope and my intention is to help liberate others for as Annie Lamott so eloquently states it, that is the purpose of freedom.

To your health and wellness!

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