Friday, February 12, 2016

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

how does your garden grow?

Before yesterday's treatment with Jeffrey Spratt, MT, pioneer of the life changing Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy and Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, we talked about my conditioning as a child. A child's birthright is to feel safe, secure, loved and comforted and to have a foundation to be able to weather the world as they grow. Sadly, my conditioning WAS first paralysis after contracting paralytic polio at age 5 and then beginning at age 8, torment and torture. We are working together to unveil each layer. I share the traumatic memories as they surface and doing what I need to do to get unstuck and move forward and heal. What a blessing to experience the power of positive touch and Jeffrey's compassionate presence to heal all that went before.

Did you ever see the movie Inner Space or the Fantastic Voyage? Fortunately Jeffrey had seen both of them so he knew what I was referencing when I said that I could imagine Martin Short from Inner Space in the capsule inside my spinal column looking at the process of healing from paralytic polio. I am blessed with a very powerful vivid imagination which has been one of my greatest tools on my healing journey beginning with using my pen to write poetry as a divining rod for healing experiencing myself exactly as I wanted to be - free, unencumbered and all the wounds from polio and violence healed.

As I imagined Martin Short taking a tour of my spinal column and as Jeffrey used the Spratt Method to help me heal the wounds from paralysis and violence, I could feel energy flowing feeding my neuromuscular system to grow a beautiful new garden of healthy nerves and muscles.

Powerful memories once again surfaced and I was able to dig deep and experience the raw pain of it all placing it in the past rather than continuing to re-experience it in the present. The memories are surfacing in mind, body and soul and with Jeffrey there to bear compassionate witness, using appropriate skilled touch to heal the wounds I am transcending all that went before.

I was contrary - quite contrary speaking Truth and standing up confronting the perpetrators and I paid a price yet I also saved myself by not identifying with the aggressors holding onto my belief that a better life was waiting for me. I did have an amazing fantasy life as a child imagining someone coming to rescue me and feeling the presence of my guardian angel.

In the safety of the treatment room I am able to experience the feelings of helplessness and terror and torment while experiencing comfort, safety and my own strength.

Cleaning out all the sludge from the past my body has a chance to heal; my mind and soul to experience peace, equanimity and acceptance of all that happened to me.

I also get to experience Jeffrey's amazing runner's flush with stretching and clearing out the build up from my training to keep me running long, strong and healthy.

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

Quite nicely now as I reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life from the thieves who tried to steal it all away from me in the middle of the night. I am taking back my evenings and my nights. I am taking back my arms and my hands healing the wounds of merciless beatings and brutal sexual assault. I am growing a new neural net and reconditioning my body to a new mind; a mind that dwells more and more in the present moment enjoying the fullness of life.

And tomorrow it will be 6 miles on the treadmill getting ready for Hyannis 2016 10K two weeks from tomorrow.

My garden and the landscape of my life is green and lush growing and prospering in the wake of having been plundered.

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