Monday, February 8, 2016

Magic in the Middle of Mars

Before partnering with Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC there is no way I would have ventured out in today's winter storm named Mars. I was motivated by the need to work out in the pool and maintain the momentum I am experiencing in my health and wellness journey. I wasn't going to let the fear of going out in winter that plagued me for decades resurface. I went out with confidence and strength knowing that all those cautionary tales about the risk of a fracture as a survivor of paralytic polio, as someone diagnosed with severe osteoporosis as a result of paralytic polio were just not going to apply to me any more. "Be sure to use your cane with an ice gripper if you are going to go out in winter," I was told by more than one physical therapist and physiatrist. I know they meant well but they were not serving me well by instilling fear in me about limitations. I am so blessed that I no longer experience cold intolerance and can maintain my body heat in winter weather. I am so grateful I conquered the fears and can now trust in my body no longer afraid that it could betray me at any moment.

There was little traffic driving into Boston and I left earlier than I usually would to go to Wave Health and Fitness to get in my cross training in the pool.

I found a parking space a little less than a block from the Seaport Hotel where Wave Health and Fitness is located.

At first I had the entire pool to myself but after I'd done my strength training in the pool and had started on my laps a woman arrived.

"Are you a member here?" I asked and the conversation flowed as easily as the snow coming down from the sky. After telling her about Jeffrey and Spratt Muscular Therapies and a bit about my journey and running the Bermuda Half Marathon, she told me that she was born in Bermuda on the Air Force base when the US had an Air Force base in Bermuda. Her dad was stationed there when she was born. At the age of 18 she had to choose her citizenship but she has an incredibly special place in her heart for Bermuda. She works for Athena Health at the Princeton NJ headquarters but frequently travels to Boston. Coincidentally when my husband was looking for a new job, Athena was one of the places he was exploring. Her husband travels to and from Boston for his job and they have a corporate apartment in the Seaport District. We made a powerful connection and she told me she would be in touch and would get my business cards on the way out.

As I was stretching and finishing up my work out another woman was doing her laps. She seemed to be in the zone so I didn't talk with her. After I was showered and dressed, she asked me if I knew how to unlock the lockers. I helped her and as I went to dry my hair asked her if she was visiting Boston. She lives on Nantucket where they were getting hit hard by the storm. She wasn't able to get a ferry out and stayed the night at the Seaport. We had many parallels in our journeys and how magical to be speaking to her in the same language about harnessing the power of positive touch to help heal and to discover the healing power of running. She is training for her first half marathon in Vermont at the age of 50. She is also a breast cancer survivor. Needless to say drying my hair could wait...we were definitely meant to meet and would not have met had the path of the storm not placed us in each other's paths.

After I finished drying my hair and was ready to leave, Jeffrey walked out of the men's locker room getting ready for a work out. We checked in with each other about what was "going on" with Spratt Muscular Therapies. I joked with him and said our best marketing plan is putting me in the pool. I have met some of the most amazing people in the pool who have turned out to be good friends and clients. And then the first woman I met just happened to arrive at the front desk asking for my business cards. I was able to introduce her to Jeffrey. She is excited to bring us swag from her company and to also check out his unique style of muscular therapy.

Do you ever just stop and pause for a moment and realize all of the little things that have to happen to add up to being in just the right place at the exact moment you are supposed to meet someone -- or maybe two somebodies? It almost takes my breath away. Meeting these two wonderful women today happened because of the sequence of events that occurred because Mars descended upon Massachusetts. I got in a strong workout in the pool and am getting ready mind, body and Spirit to return to Camp Hyannis to run the 10K in just a few weeks. Along with a fabulous workout, I was able to experience magic in the middle of Mars.

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