Sunday, February 7, 2016

"I want you to run unencumbered."

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them." -Marcus Aurelius

Born to Run

Born free
born to run
run free
unencumbered untethered unshackled
pouring energy into my running form
liquid gold once fired in the crucible
now my treasure born of my Spirit molded with alchemy
my precious treasure once buried
the map safely tucked away
X marks the spot
a new starting line.

Poised and ready
to go the distance
all out without hesitation
all is healed at last
my pace swift
Mercury and Hermes pace me on winged feet
born to run
running free
joyfully crossing the finish line with ease.
{From Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life}

In my most recent treatment with Jeffrey Spratt, MT, pioneer of the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy and Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, powerful traumatic memories surfaced. And thru the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy and Jeffrey's intuitive, compassionate presence they heal as I had always imagined they'd heal through the poetry I wrote and through my visualization and meditations.

In a previous treatment, Jeffrey suggested that perhaps more than the physical torture was the emotional torture.

In the past those physical and emotional memories were like sludge in a car engine and would slow me down every time. I'd hit the wall on my healing journey.

But after my very first treatment with Jeffrey, I knew something was about to change. I knew that I was going to reclaim my life and reclaim my advantage and that, through the power of positive touch, I would run and live my life unencumbered. Jeffrey set forth that intention after my very first treatment and my heart and soul leapt with joy for I had written about reclaiming my life and running unencumbered in my poetry long before I ever met Jeffrey. From "Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life":

Sweet Victory

On the battlefield of life
when we fight the good fight
with compassion
a heart for a heart
to the victor goes the spoils.

A treasure trove of Truth
scars merely badges of honor
wounds healed
secret weapon of loving kindness
vapors of fear
tears spilled
water bathing the garden of my soul
yielding to joy
as treaty signed with forgiveness
sweet reward of peace.

Lush landscape
fragrant green grass
a winding road leading to everywhere
I run
strapping and healthy
free to be me
my victory lap.

Foot Strike

Each strike struck a chord of fear
How would I ever reclaim my life?
Holding onto hope
waiting for the day
when memories would no longer weigh heavy
free to run my own race.
Stomping in anger
striking back
shadow boxing with the thief
who stole away childhood innocence
a no win.
Each foot strike ignites my soul
fired up to run my best race
taking the lead
breaking finisher’s tape

today I won my race.

When Tom and I woke up on Saturday and temperatures were in the teens with ice on the ground, we decided to get our run on by heading to Wave Health and Fitness. During my meditation I got in touch with how great the run was going to feel even on a treadmill.

I'm not running away from my past I am running to celebrate my present moment; to experience and celebrate my resilience and for a feeling of triumph over those who wanted and tried to kill me.

I run because I get to share the joy of movement with Tom who has seen me go from a wheelchair and leg brace to the finish line of the 2009 Boston Marathon and beyond. How incredibly blessed am I to have a life and running partner who doesn't care about my pace and loves me unconditionally knowing all that I lived through.

Running takes me to places and experiences I would never have known if I didn't run such as the magic of Bermuda Marathon Weekend.

I feel strong and powerful when I run; quite a contrast to when I was paralyzed from the neck down after contracting paralytic polio. Quite the contrast from being raped as a child and then beaten through my teen years.

In my minds eye I break the finishers tape with every training run and every race. I run for my health and I run with my village.

Every time I run the memories of a leg brace, a full leg cast, 25 surgeries including reconstructive leg surgeries on my left leg and violence heaped upon me as a young girl and teenager are left in the dust.

I suggested to Tom that he run his pace on the treadmill and I would run mine. He'd be able to get in his 12 miles training for his Sugarloaf Marathon in May and I'd be able to get in my 5 miles for the Hyannis 10K.

It was magical. The sun streamed through the windows at Wave Health. There were many runners getting their miles in on the treadmill and I felt the collective running energy. When I saw 12:00 minutes on the clock, I imagined that I had already reached 1 mile. I was able to absorb the energy from Tom's 9+ minute/mile pace; something I can't experience when we run together outdoors. I was able to kick my pace up a notch and monitor my heart rate. I remembered when I worked with a personal trainer training for the 2009 Boston Marathon and we calculated my target heart rate which I was able to monitor and achieve as I ran pushing my pace beyond what I "normally" run. Unlike training back in 2008/2009, I feel a thrill and joy; rather than pushing and struggling I am achieving!

It felt wonderful to pour sweat and enjoy a great running workout.

I imagine that one day I'll run a 12:00 minute mile and be able to keep a good pace with Tom as Jeffrey and I continue to clean out the sludge from the past. I am dedicated to this journey of health and wellness being the best I can possibly be. Jeffrey's intention for me joining with the intention I set for myself is coming into physical manifestation. "I want you to run unencumbered..." he said on 4/19/2015... me too and now at last I can!

To your health and wellness!

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