Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Countdown to Bermuda: The ShakeOut and Reflections on Taper Time

Yesterday I was feeling tightness in my left shoulder and neck. I could have waited until Thursday for my 90 minute treatment with Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies but instead asked him if he had table time for me for a ShakeOut before our administrative time together. He was so happy to be at my service and delighted that I let him know what I needed. As a survivor of abuse and neglect, it's new for me for me to ask for what I need and an even more wonderful corrective emotional experience to partner with a healer dedicated to bringing relief to his clients.

Just as we go on a Shake Out run as we taper for an endurance race, Jeffrey created the ShakeOut to help bodies both recover from training and prepare for the big event.

It's also great for anyone traveling in this 24/7 technologically driven world. It's ideal for dealing with acute muscle spasms and soreness.

As Jeffrey worked he commented, "You've been carrying the weight of the world on these shoulders, haven't you?"

I reflected on what he said and it's true; but I have gotten better at taking responsibility only for what I am responsible for. I've had time to reflect during this taper time on my remarkable transformation of mind, body and Spirit during these past 6 months and to become aware of how I still carry a burden of guilt that is time to release.

As Jeffrey worked his magic on my shoulders, my neck and cranium and gave me a runner's flush from last week's 11 miler and yesterday's 6 degree shake out run, I could feel myself let go and let in the wellspring of joy of what awaits me next week.

Twenty five minutes later, I hopped off of the table and we had a wonderful meeting talking about our goals for Spratt Muscular Therapies for the coming quarter.

Now that it's taper time, I am able to hone in on what I need to continue to heal and what I need to let go of in order to go into Bermuda Marathon Weekend free and unencumbered. I am so blessed to have Tom by my side as we prepare for our first vacation in 8 years. He has the patience of a saint as I bug him to get things organized and have lists all over the place so we remember everything! We are both so blessed to partner with Jeffrey who has been a steady and strong presence in our lives during these past 6 months providing us with the best muscular therapy that we have ever experienced!

Tomorrow I'll be back on the table for a 90 minute treatment that will allow Jeffrey to concentrate on more areas that need work after these past 6 months of intense training for me to go the distance. Friday I'll do some core work and Saturday a 3 mile Shake Out run. Sunday strength training and Monday the pool to keep everything loose and relaxed. Tuesday will be a rest day. One last treatment on Wednesday afternoon before we board that plane for Bermuda on Thursday morning.

I am blessed and grateful and giving myself permission to do whatever I need to do to be completely race ready one week from Sunday!

I am seriously counting down the days to Bermuda while savoring, devouring and relishing these moments of taper time with all the lessons and blessings it brings.

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