Sunday, January 10, 2016

Countdown to Bermuda: One Week from Today - Miracle of Miracles!

During my morning meditation the song Miracle of Miracles came to me:

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles-
God took a Daniel once again,
Stood by his and side and- miracle of miracles-
Walked him through the lions den!

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles-
I was afraid that God would frown,
But like he did so long ago, at Jericho,
God just made a wall fall down!

When Moses softened Pharaoh's heart, that was a miracle.
When God made the waters of the red sea part, that was a miracle too!
But of all God's miracles large and small,
The most miraculous one of all
Is that out of a worthless lump of clay,
God has made a man today.

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles-
God took a tailor by the hand
Turned him around and- miracle of miracles- Led him to the promised land!

When David slew Goliath (yes!), that was a miracle.
When God gave us manna in the wilderness, that was a miracle too.
But of all God's miracles large and small,
The most miraculous one of all
Is the one I thought could never be:
God has given you to me.

Source: Lyrics on Demand

My first thought of the day was, "OMG one week from today I will be out on the Bermuda Half Marathon course." I reflected on what I wrote on the intake sheet when I first presented to Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies about my abbreviated significant medical history and the areas where I felt pain. Right plantar. Right IT band. Left knee. Left shoulder. Cervical spine.

I remember how I was still reeling emotionally from my history of childhood trauma and the tragic events of 4/15/13. It was the day before Marathon Monday. I met Jeffrey at One Boston Day where he was volunteering his time and talent providing chair massage to survivors, their families and anyone who needed TLC on the two year anniversary of 4/15. He gave me the warmest and biggest bear hug I ever experienced and said we would chat more when I saw him on Sunday. I opted to forego a chair massage that day since I had an appointment to see him in a few days.

After we talked about my treatment goals (to run another marathon and heal a left knee injury), he told me to undress to my comfort level and told me I didn't have to undress; he could work through my clothes if that would make me most comfortable. The moment he touched me I felt an energy different from any other body worker, energy healer or massage therapist I had been to. It was similar to Dr. Ryan's touch, my beloved chiropractor and friend who helped me get back on my healing path in March. Jeffrey asked me "What leg are we rehabbing?" and worked with my left leg in a way no one before him had ever done. What confidence! What strength! And through that touch I believed with all of my being that I would go the distance again!

He kindly and gently asked me where I was on 4/15/13 and I could feel his love and compassion flow through him through the sheets through which he worked to do compression and explore where things were stuck and what he needed to do to partner with me to restore balance and freedom to my mind, body, heart and soul!

Almost nine months have passed since we first partnered together and wonder of wonders miracle of miracles God took this child by the hand...
The line the most miraculous one of all is that out of a worthless lump of clay God has made a man today. For me, God has made a runner today. Through the power of positive touch using the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy combined with my diligence, my discipline, my passion to go the distance again and to reclaim my life and reclaim my advantage I am poised and ready to run the Bermuda Half Marathon.

We clear out all the congestion and restore balance and harmony in my body after the ravages of paralytic polio, trauma and over 25 surgeries.

After that first treatment, Jeffrey said, "I want you to run unencumbered."

It's been an amazing 6 month training journey! I am ready for 1/17/16. Wonder of wonder miracle of miracles the most miraculous one of all is that I have been able to reclaim my life and reclaim my advantage and continue to heal all that went before!

From "Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life" (poems written before I ever met Jeffrey):

Foot Strike

Each strike struck a chord of fear
How would I ever reclaim my life?
Holding onto hope
waiting for the day
when memories would no longer weigh heavy
free to run my own race.
Stomping in anger
striking back
shadow boxing with the thief
who stole away childhood innocence
a no win.
Each foot strike ignites my soul
fired up to run my best race
taking the lead
breaking finisher’s tape

today I won my race.

Born to Run

Born free
born to run
run free
unencumbered untethered unshackled
pouring energy into my running form
liquid gold once fired in the crucible
now my treasure born of my Spirit molded with alchemy
my precious treasure once buried
the map safely tucked away
X marks the spot
a new starting line.

Poised and ready
to go the distance
all out without hesitation
all is healed at last
my pace swift
Mercury and Hermes pace me on winged feet
born to run
running free
joyfully crossing the finish line with ease.

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