Friday, January 8, 2016

Countdown to Bermuda: Healing the Wounds and Moving Forward

In addition to an amazing runner's flush and tuning up my body for the Bermuda Half Marathon, Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC helps me to heal the wounds of the war of my childhood and adolescence. As he bears compassionate presence to the rawness of it all and brings the power of positive touch to heal those wounds, I felt a profound shift from the horror of it all to integration, wholeness, a sense of invincibility and feeling deeply loved and cared for in yesterday's treatment. He is a truly remarkable healer and I give thanks for the day that I googled him at 4 am after learning that he volunteered to do chair massage at One Boston Day. When I share the way he works and when others experience his work, people say, "He's the real deal isn't he?" Yes he is and I am so blessed to be in a position to share the amazing work he does.

When I toe the starting line of the Bermuda Half Marathon in just a little more than a week, I will be representing the work that Jeffrey and I have accomplished together during these past 9 months. When I hyperventilate as wounds are touched and memories are brought to the surface I feel as though I am giving birth to myself; a woman transformed - stronger, healthier and with the opportunity to regenerate nerves and muscles once damaged by the polio virus and never given a chance to heal because of the 9 years of trauma that followed.

Jeffrey is with me every breath reminding me that what surfaces is only a memory; that I am safe and it's time for me to heal and to have my energy flow free and clear. He went deep in yesterday's treatment sensing that my body, my heart and my mind were ready to hit the mother lode of a traumatic memory.

He told me how brave I am to face everything; I told him I lived through it once with only unseen helpers to get me through. What a blessing to experience comfort, release and relief at last. After he worked on my gluts and left side while I was still on my stomach and released a memory, I could feel the energy flow from my gluts all the way down my leg to my foot. I'd been working on bringing movement back to my left foot and practicing it every day. After the treatment the foot moved with greater ease. I know everything is healing and muscles and nerves can now regenerate.

After hitting the mother lode of a traumatic memory, Jeffrey's hands were hot and he did energy work. As I felt the heat from his hands just a few inches away from my face, neck and throat, I gave myself permission to let that energy heal.

I'm counting down the days to when I leave for Bermuda and then run the Half Marathon.

My shero is Wilma Rudolph who contracted polio as a little girl and was told she'd never walk again. With the fierce love of her mother and surrounded by siblings who massaged her legs and set the intention for healing every day, she went on to win Olympic Gold.

While I was short changed in the mothering department and was provided minimal care by my father and grandfather, I was showered with grace when I found my way to Jeffrey Spratt. "What leg are we rehabbing?" he asked me before my first treatment on 4/19/15 and at the end of my treatment he said, "I want you to run unencumbered."

Through the power of positive touch and setting an intention for me to heal everything, we are healing the wounds of a traumatic past and finally allowing my body to heal from the ravages of paralytic polio. I move forward in my journey beginning a new chapter of health and well being. I have a feeling 2016 is going to be one amazing year where I reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life beyond my wildest imaginings!

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