Monday, December 7, 2015

It's only the furnace ....

During one of my treatments with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC, I mentioned to him about how I was learning to trust my body and getting to know my body so I don't freak out at every little ache or pain. Once you've been injured or in my case experienced a catastrophic illness (paralytic polio) at an early age it is easy to lose confidence in the body's ability to heal, recover and be resilient.

Jeffrey suggested to me that listening to your body and getting to know your body is like living in a house. You get to know the sounds and while someone unfamiliar with the sounds could freak out, because you know the sounds of the house you say, "Oh it's only the furnace."

As I train for and countdown to the Bermuda Half Marathon, I am putting my body through rigorous training the likes of which I have not experienced since 2009.

I carry the echoes of Jeffrey's presentation, "Your Boston Marathon: Tips for Getting to the Finish Line Healthy and Happy" inside of me. I remember what he said about how the body is able to recover when you create the optimal environment for healing. Stretching, icing and ice baths, active recovery days and total rest days are crucial to prevent injury. The images he used in his power point presentation stayed with me understanding how the body repairs itself and how he emphasized the body has a tremendous capacity to heal. I include, "My body has the ability to recover from the rigors of training" in my running affirmations.

Running Distance Tips shared a link to this article on Facebook, "Why Running shoes do not work: Looking at Pronation, Cushioning, Motion Control and Barefoot running." A theme that runs throughout the article is how we underestimate the human body.

We tend to react to our bodies and then believe we have to fix something rather than allow our bodies to adapt to conditions.

I know that when my right knee and leg were "barking" at me, my mind started to race towards, "oh no is it another injury?" I thought about the diagnoses I had been given of chondral malaysia and degenerative joint disease in my right leg as well as the history of childhood trauma. I switched my thoughts from fear to trusting in my body and knowing that with self-care and regular sports massage therapy, my body heals and recovers. It's all about healing the body by harnessing the power of my mind combined with a solid training plan that includes cross training, strength training, active recovery and rest days.

And when I experience different sensations in my body rather than focus on them and fear something is wrong I smile and say, "Oh it's only the furnace."

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