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In July without any prompting or encouragement from Jeffrey and long before I became his Communications and Public Relations Director, I was moved to nominate Jeffrey for Best of Boston and sent in my nomination talking about the innovative and unique way he practices massage therapy.

I decided to ask him about the way he approaches treatment after sending in my nomination. "You do something very different," I told him.

I'd been to countless massage therapists and energy healers through the years and many in these past 9 years of my healing odyssey.

He told me that he developed the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy that came out of his training as a massage therapist, as a commercial aviation pilot and many frustrating experiences as a client. I had a light bulb moment. That's it! He is not following someone else's protocol (although he did incorporate CranioSacral Therapy into my sessions to help with neurological issues). This is his own. He has made massage therapy, the practice of muscular therapy his own!!! He has drawn from the Divine Mind to come up with a better way to help people heal through the power of positive touch.

I laughed as he told me how most massage therapists gently palpate the body before beginning the treatment and then take the sheet and/or blanket down to your "butt crack", oil you all up and then begin working on some random area of the body. "You lay there and you're cold and you don't know if the therapist will ever get to all those areas you need them to get to.

Jeffrey used the metaphor of a pre-flight check to methodically check all the systems of the plane before take off. The minute he walks in the room he powerfully connects with me through the sheet and gets a general sense of what's happening in my body. After washing his hands, he gets to work palpating and encouraging the body to unwind and open through the sheets. In addition to being highly effective, the Spratt Method helps a client to feel safe. Jeffrey has a rhythm of how he works and makes sure that each area is exposed for only brief periods of time yet each area is experiencing the power of positive touch. He told me that a few clients may ask if he is going to use oil or lotion. He tells them he'll get to it and he does but there is a powerful energy exchange as Jeffrey works without product on his hands. He explained to me that it's also better when doing myofascial release or trigger point therapy to not be sliding on the client's skin. Jeffrey is also mindful that many clients needs to go to work after a treatment and while clients get to use all of the amenities at the Health Club including a shower, he prefers to be a minimalist when it comes to using product.

Jeffrey provided chair massage at Second Wave, the Wave Health and Fitness Club at John Hancock. I had a table and presented the video of The ShakeOut which is the Spratt Method in action; a 10-25 minute table massage that is focused addressing problem areas and leaving the client feeling re-energized:

You can see his methodical approach to the body using energy meridians and what he is feeling in the body to work.

When Jeffrey told his full name to the woman he was working on after the chair massage she said, "Oh my. You're Jeffrey Spratt as in the Spratt Method? I was thinking this was like Rolfing and that the person who created the Spratt Method had passed on and you were one of his like disciples."

Jeffrey and I looked at each other and smiled. What validation for his innovation.

As a runner who is healing the effects of paralytic polio and as a woman healing the effects of trauma, I feel so incredibly fortunate to have found my way to Jeffrey's table. After experiencing regular massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, KMI Structural Integration, Energy Healing, Zero Balancing, Feldenkrais and the Alexander Technique, the innovative Spratt Method is the first method that has brought about results. In just a few weeks I'll be running the Bermuda Half Marathon after being told one year ago I should hang up my running shoes! Trauma responds to the power of positive touch but not just any touch. The Spratt Method both relieves and releases trauma while allowing for the mind/body to simultaneously heal.

Jeffrey has an innovative tag line for a massage therapy practice. Reclaim Advantage and Reclaim Life and with the Spratt Method that's exactly what his clients are able to do!

Here is the Best of Boston Nomination:

There are so many choices in the Boston area for massage...believe me I know...I've been to many, many of them and I have finally found the Best of Boston.

Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC
located in WaveHealth Fitness in the Seaport Hotel is an industry leading massage therapy office that provides effective muscular and massage therapy treatment designed to meet each client's specific needs. It is a world class practice that offers clients the amenity of the most effective Massage Therapy they will experience, delivered by highly trained therapists – healers who focus on the client's body and mind. Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Principal, hand picks and trains and supervises each of his therapists. Before being trained as a muscular therapist, Jeff was in the restaurant industry. His love to provide outstanding service is evident from the moment you meet him until you say good bye. Friends that I have referred to him all say that they experienced the best massage they ever had with him. He knows just where the "trouble" spots are and can provide relief without unnecessary pain; an art that few massage therapists have been able to refine. With 14 years of experience as a muscular therapist, his passion for the work, his creativity and desire to learn and refine his craft, and his commitment and dedication to outstanding service, Jeff delivers every time!

I have been receiving treatments from Jeff since 4/19. Here is the review I wrote for Yelp and Facebook:

"What leg are we rehabbing?" Jeff Spratt asked me in my first treatment with him after having been told a cautionary tale by a physiatrist, physical therapists and my previous massage therapist that perhaps my running days were over after a knee injury and if I was going to run I needed to consider only the 5K distance. I knew that even though I am 61 years old and have quite a history of paralytic polio, multiple surgeries and trauma, I wanted and needed to run another marathon after running Boston in 2009. I knew that what I set in motion to heal my life 8 1/2 years ago after being diagnosed with post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease, could become a reality. Now that I am partnering with Jeff, I know that to be true in every fiber of my being. During that first treatment, I could feel Jeff's energy and intention through his hands as he worked on my legs that I could go the distance again. As my friend Alma, who is also an endurance runner and worked with Jeff for years before moving to Florida says, he has eyes in his fingers and seems to know just where to work to bring about relief. He wants to know if there are any particular issues we need to address as we check in before the treatment. He welcomes feedback during the treatment and I'm impressed with how he responds when I let him know what I need during the treatment. I have improved range of motion especially on my left leg which has had 5 surgeries. He works out the scar tissue and it hurts so good. I am no longer running as a survivor of paralytic polio and trauma but am a runner who knows no limits and all possibilities exist for healing. Jeff said after that first treatment that he wanted me to run unencumbered. He also set an intention to heal tremors that have plagued me for decades. It's incredible to experience this transformation and to reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life. It's more than just a tag line; it's a commitment Jeff has to helping his clients with whatever they bring to the table. I have had many many therapists through the years and Jeff is the first therapist who rather than being intrigued and curious about what is happening in my body uses all of his manual skills, his intuition and a blend of Western and Eastern modalities he has mastered to co-create change. In addition to his incredible skills, Jeff has a warm, engaging, caring, compassionate and delightful personality with a great sense of humor that sets this client completely at ease. I look forward to partnering with Jeff for years to come as I run healthy, run strong and run free living a full vibrant, healthy life healed from all that went before.

In 2013, ICA Senior Curator Janelle Porter named Jeff Spratt as her choice for favorite service pro for massage in Boston Magazine
Spratt Muscular Therapies website is

Parking is validated for two hours for $5 by the hotel. There is also on street meter parking.
The price for the service includes gratuity. They offer a range of services to accommodate each client's time and budget.

One of his unique services is the ShakeOut! The ShakeOut is designed for most people today who do not have the luxury of time. It is between 10 and 25 minutes in duration, you stay clothed while on the massage table. The quality work is focused and effective. First developed for endurance athletes by Jeff, the ShakeOut combines Sports Massage and Eastern Meridians techniques to address the stressors of our hectic lifestyles. It's ideal for dealing with sudden acute muscle spasms and soreness!
Here is the photo of the treatment room that welcomes you:

Jeff has a unique technique of working through the sheet and directly on the skin both with and without lotion. It is a highly effective technique to rejuvenate, restore, relax and help clients to reclaim their advantage and reclaim their lives. Jeff could easily add relief that lasts to his tag line!

If I can provide you with any additional information, please contact me via email or phone at 617-678-1426.
I know that once you experience Jeff and Spratt Muscular Therapies, you will agree with me that they are the Best of Boston.
Thank you.
With warmest regards,
Mary McManus

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