Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Go Play!" - It's a Miracle

As I went through the photos from the Year in Review on Facebook and wrote yesterday's blog, I had this profound rush of gratitude and the realization that Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, a pioneer in the field of massage and muscular therapy and I co created a miracle of healing in my life in 2015.

"You know Jeffrey....I have such confidence in my body now," I told him after a recent treatment. "I know and trust that I can go to my edge and challenge my body and each week I come in here and we fix it!"

Jeffrey smiled with warmth and compassion and as Spirit spoke through him he said, "Go play."

Go play ... do you have any idea what those words mean to me?

I was running around the gym in kindergarten class in June 1959 and dropped to the ground after contracting paralytic polio when I was just 5 years old. There was no time for play. I was in fact one of the lucky ones not needing to go to the hospital and be in an iron lung. I survived the initial attack of the virus and regained use of my right side fairly quickly after experiencing total paralysis. My childhood was spent recovering from polio and then surviving violence beginning at the age of 8 years old.

There was no time to play and run free and unencumbered and experience a carefree childhood.

After my very first treatment with Jeffrey he looked at me much the same way he looked at me the other day and said, "I want you to run unencumbered."

Four weeks from today we leave for Bermuda and exactly one month from today Team McManus toes the starting line of the Bermuda Half Marathon.

Jeffrey's words will echo in my ears, 'I want you to run unencumbered.' 'Go Play.' The course around the Island will be our playground.

My heart will be overflowing with gratitude for this miracle of healing of reclaiming my advantage and reclaiming my life through the power of positive touch!

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