Friday, November 20, 2015

Tomorrow Double Digits!

The last time I ran double digits was in November of 2008 as I trained for the 2009 Boston Marathon. The Sunday after Thanksgiving we ran the Tough Ten Mile Turkey Trot. Was it ever - tough - that is. Mostly hills. I remember it was cold and it started to snow at the end of the race and we finished dead last but none of that mattered. We donated cans as the race entry fee to stock food pantries in the area of the race and we had our finishing time recorded on a popsicle stick.

Tomorrow is a HUGE milestone for me as I move closer to the starting line of the Bermuda Half Marathon in 55 days.

During yesterday's massage with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, Jeffrey did a deep runner's flush. I thought to myself, "Wow I could never give myself that good of a stretch."

I reflected on how great it feels to feel sore again; good sore!

"It seems sometimes that change happens over night," I reflected to Jeffrey, "but I've been working at this since March."

I shared with Jeffrey how the other night, I got up from the toilet seat without giving it a second thought; how I used to have to lean on the sink in order to stand up.

"When I told Ryan (referencing Dr. Ryan J. Means, my chiropractor who helped me get back on my healing path after the December knee injury) I was leaning on the sink, and couldn't do a squat, he told me that we had to work on that. He showed me the proper form for a squat and how to initially use the wall to build strength. He told me one day I would be able to move an inch away from the wall and squat on my own."

I went on to tell Jeffrey that I can squat on my own but that with the intensive training, I use the wall for light support and am also doing squats in the pool free standing with weights.

I started out doing 1 mile back in March and tomorrow I am going to run 10 miles - yes 1-0 miles again. A distance I never thought I would run again after crossing the finish line of the 2009 Boston Marathon.

Each week until Bermuda will be a milestone until 12.5 miles on 12/26 after which we will taper.

I feel like it's Christmas Eve and I cannot wait to open the gift of another long run tomorrow.

For now I will meditate, rest, remember I can and will go the distance and tomorrow morning read over my runner affirmations.

My body feels good and is responding well to the intense training thanks to regular massage with Jeffrey. I feel strong. I feel confident and I am so excited for double digits. The weather is looking good and so am I!

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