Saturday, November 14, 2015

Countdown to Bermuda: 62 Days

"My body is responding well to the training," I told Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC before Thursday's massage. He was delighted to hear how I am able to continue to build strength and continue to challenge myself in my cross training while building miles.

I then shared with him that there has been a lot of other than training stress happening in my life but fortunately running is my therapy. I told him that I needed his help opening everything up and letting fresh air in because the recent stress left me feeling somewhat contracted and constricted in my body. I showed him where I was feeling the tension and we got to work.

When there are stressful events happening around us, we tend to want to pull into ourselves but that's where running and having a race goal, and partnering with an incredibly skilled and compassionate massage therapist can be life saving. I allowed the heat of the massage table, the warmth of Jeffrey's hands and the intention of his heart to help me heal to touch my very soul. We talked about a dream I had with my orthopedic surgeon Dr. Reilly. I dreamed that he operated on me again and told me that as long as continue working with Jeffrey, the scar tissue and the tightness in the area of the incision from reconstructive leg surgery would release. In the dream I felt the complete release. I shared with Jeffrey how I made the decision to have the reconstructive leg surgery rather than wait for the degeneration of the joint to continue and needing a total knee replacement at the age of 40. It's been over 20 years and I know that we are continuing to reverse the degenerative joint changes and heal the bone spurs and torn miniscus as well as a variety of other things that showed up on last December's MRI.

To say that I am getting excited for Bermuda is an understatement!

I looked at the results from this year and saw that this is definitely a race for all paces!

Here is a video of the start and then the top finishers:

Today there was a stiff headwind and actually a wind swirling around in all directions at times. We were going to go around the Reservoirs but the wind coming off the water was too intense so we improvised and made up our route as we went along. It was similar to our Falmouth training run where we let Spirit guide us along.

I remember the sensations well from training in 2008/2009 for the 2009 Boston Marathon. There is a feeling of invincibility when you are out there facing the challenges of the elements and testing yourself to the limit. There are times when you want to say this is too damn hard and want to quit but you know you have to get those miles in because two months from today we land in Bermuda and make the final mental preparations for my first half marathon in 6 years.

My quads burned; acorns and leaves and dust and pebbles stung my face but I smiled to remember that I am training to go the distance!

I'm enjoying every mile of this journey and where it is taking me. I am blessed to have the support and cheers of my running village, and to run side by side with my life and running partner Tom. I know that I am incredibly blessed to partner with Jeffrey who believes in the body's tremendous capacity to heal and the power of the mind and Spirit to overcome any challenge that is presented in life. As a master muscular therapist, he knows how to bring the body into harmony and balance and ignite the flame of possibility and achievement.

Last December I was told no more running or the most I could hope for was a 5K or maybe 5 miles.

Jeffrey asked me, "What leg are we rehabbing?" in my first treatment with him on April 19th and said to me, "I want for you to run unencumbered."

With a stiff headwind and the coolest temperatures I have run 9.5 miles in since training for the 2009 Boston Marathon, I have reclaimed my advantage and reclaimed my life and I am counting down the days until I run the Bermuda Half Marathon.


  1. I am really excited for you and so happy that you are moving forward in your training!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment and reading along, celebrating possibility and achievement.