Sunday, November 15, 2015

Consistency is Key!

I am so blessed to partner with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC who is, in addition to being a master muscular therapist in the office, a wonderful teacher and coach when it comes to training for endurance events. Jeffrey recently presented to the John Hancock Employees Boston Marathon team here in Boston and by WebEx to the global team community. One of the points that Jeffrey drove home during his dynamic power point presentation was that consistency is key to the success in preparing for an endurance event.

We all tend to slack off on stretching or cross training or having a consistent post long run recovery routine (PRR as Jeffrey calls it).

I have become vigilant and faithful to my training schedule and to good self care in addition to weekly advanced sports massage therapy treatments with Jeffrey.

I needed to make some adjustments to my training schedule for the Bermuda Half Marathon this week because of work demands. I made sure though that I had all the elements I needed to maintain consistency.

Tom had a massage with Jeffrey scheduled for today and Jeffrey and I have a 1:00pm meeting for work tomorrow. I did my core work at home and then did my strength training in the pool at WaveHealth while Tom had his massage. Tomorrow we will go on our 5K run, Tuesday I'll strength train at home again and have a ShakeOut massage

and finish out the week's training with a pool workout.

I am diligent about stretching and icing and doing post long run ice baths (not a favorite to do in the cooler weather but so important for recovery) harnessing the power of mind over matter telling myself that the water is deliciously warm.

I know that in order to go the distance and then be able to maintain this level of health, well being and fitness, consistency is key!

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