Wednesday, October 7, 2015


"I express gratitude for all the good in my life. Each day brings wonderful new surprises." —LOUISE HAY

I receive newsletters from Louise Hay. Today is her 89th birthday and she wrote about how she is going from Louise Hay to Louise Play. She talked about how much there is to celebrate and how life is filled with wonderful surprises.

As someone who experienced extensive childhood trauma, I was hard wired to anticipate, to be vigilant about what the Universe was going to deliver to me. Surprises were equated with disappointments at best and violence at worst.

But all of that is changed.

Through partnering with Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC, through the power of positive touch, we are rewiring my entire system to relax, to let down my guard and to be open to the goodness, abundance, wonder and mystery of the Universe. I am learning to trust and terror, fear, anxiety, shivering yield to experiencing the font of Divine Love that is within me and that pours through so many people who are now in my life.

It's been an amazing day of networking and meetings and allowing the energy of the Universe to flow through me to nourish and grow Spratt Muscular Therapies; to share our compelling message that Spratt Muscular Therapies is not an ordinary massage practice but one that truly helps clients Reclaim Advantage and Reclaim Life.

I am living proof of the results and the healing power of positive touch.

I wasn't looking to come out of retirement and return to work but surprise! Here I am.

Wonder of wonders I feel vibrant and alive and awake with purpose and passion. Today during my meeting at Starbucks, my hands were steady and strong as I sipped on a decaffeinated iced coffee talking with Boston Magazine.

I am able to now recognize when triggers are happening. Memories now come to the surface that were haunting me in the recesses of my mind so that I can heal the wounds and move forward - free, vibrant, healthy, whole and strong.

All that I wrote about and imagined in my poetry; everything I journaled about and dreamed about happening in my life after I left the VA is happening now in my life.

It's the Universe's way of saying Surprise! See what I prepared for you all these years quietly in the background while you were setting forth your intentions. Surprise! I love you. You are my beloved. Surprise! The past is over. You are safe now and it's your time to heal everything that went before.

And I say thank you. My heart overflows with gratitude for all that is and excited for all that is yet to be.

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