Saturday, October 31, 2015

On Letting Go, Grounding and Healing

We have been managing a very challenging life situation in our family. There often comes a time in life when all you can do is let go and let God. Sometimes a lot easier said than done...but the healing cadence of Dr. Seuss has been with me ever since I was 5 years old. It helped me manage the painful physical therapy treatments after contracting paralytic polio and became a powerful healing tool after being diagnosed with post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease. I haven't felt the need to write poetry in the past few months. I've been so busy creating and writing and working for and with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies that my mind, body and soul have been infused with healing.

The other evening after several weeks of trying to figure out what we needed to do, I once again got still and this poem flowed out of me and I posted it on Facebook:

She puzzled and puzzled and puzzled some more ...
she puzzled and puzzled til her puzzler was sore ...
And then this sticky quandry became crystal clear
no worries shall you have for Spirit is right here.
Just open your heart and quiet your mind...
all is revealed the answer you'll find.
Let faith, trust and peace and confidence reign
no need to suffer and feel all of that pain.
Let go and let God all troubles fade away
put down all of your burdens go smile and play.
My Love surrounds you cast your fears and worries on me
feel blessed and grateful that I am right here with Thee.
So go spread the word - let peace come to all
whatever the challenge I'll always answer the call.
Feel the waves of the ocean my breath on the breeze
the Universe weaving its magic feel light deep breaths be at ease.

along with this photo:

I received an outpouring of gratitude from friends who said this was exactly what they needed to hear.

I had an amazing day representing Spratt Muscular Therapies at Second Wave, WaveHealth's Club at John Hancock on Congress Street on Thursday. I shared our YouTube video about the ShakeOut which intrigued the attendees:

What a joy to experience passion and purpose in my work again!

In Thursday's treatment with Jeffrey, I brought him up to date on what was happening in my life. We had cleared out so much of my trauma from my body that I was able to welcome and relish and experience the power of positive touch without any triggers. I drank in his nourishing touch and allowed my body to experience the runner's flush as I continue to move forward on the road to the Bermuda Half Marathon.

It was thrilling to experience a sore calf muscle on my left leg. We celebrated together and I "observed" how he was working to release and bring relief to the sore calf muscle.

"I feel as though I am a beautiful instrument and you are helping to get me in tune."

"I've often used that analogy," Jeffrey replied.

"If you are a novice (said while randomly "playing his fingers" on my back) you can't get it to do what you want. But if you are a master you can get it to sing."

I felt as though Jeffrey was helping me to get into harmony with the Divine and tune into the Universe to help me navigate these turbulent waters.

When I flipped over as Jeffrey likes to call it after he finished working with me face down, Jeffrey continued to do a runner's flush. "That's one of my favorite stretches," I commented and he held the stretch a bit longer than he had in previous treatments. He was also doing a lot of energy work. As he worked on my feet I commented, "Yes, please help me get grounded."

He held trigger points for what seemed like forever. I felt him at my head. "That's really weird," I said. "What? That you still feel as though I am holding your feet?" "Uh huh," I said rather amazed that he knew what I was going to say. "I fired up your grounding chakras for you."

While he worked on my cranium I let the tension release and felt my headache melt away. "Could you do a little jaw work?" I tentatively asked. "Absolutely," he said. It was so new for me to ask for what I needed in the treatment. I think I made a request only once before in the six months we have worked together. What a powerful healing moment to have my request responded to with such a heartfelt affirmation that yes I do deserve to be cared for.

While holding my head, he had me take a big breath and then let it all go. I sure did let it all go as tears and sobs poured out of me. "You've had a tough week kid. You don't have to be stoic." He gently worked on my face and jaw and I allowed more tension to melt away.

Jeffrey often says that one of the benefits of massage is that it give us a time out for our Spirit to discern the next steps on our journey.

I realized that my next step is to let go, feel grounded and strong and to allow the healing to continue to happen regardless of what may be happening around me.

After the treatment I felt ready to go out into the world and begin again...and get ready for my 9 mile training run as the road to the Bermuda Half Marathon rises before us.

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