Monday, October 12, 2015

My Running Chronicles: What a Difference a Year Makes #ReclaimAdvantage #ReclaimLife

One year I was toeing the starting line for the Tufts 10K:

Subtitle the above picture - fake it til you make it.

I felt lousy going into race day. I remember feeling dizzy and nauseous and wondering how I was ever going to make it through the race never mind hit a PR that I'd been trash talking about in my blog and on Facebook. Although I was working with a massage therapist, there was no sense of him being my partner with me on my journey. I had to work so hard to get what I needed from him. In fact the first time he ever did a little "quad" work was after I PR'ed Tufts. I remember him saying to me as though it were yesterday with this smirk on his face, "Oh you liked the quad work? I thought I would introduce a little of it to you today." That was the first and last time he ever worked on my quads. It is no wonder that I got injured. I wasn't cross training and I was not receiving sports massage therapy.

Trauma does some crazy stuff with wiring the brain. It's sometimes hard to get clarity on what is happening and realizing that I deserved quality massage therapy; that I deserved a warm treatment table and conversation and energy flowing with someone who is fully awake, alive, vibrant and dedicated to helping people reclaim advantage and reclaim life. A massage therapist who believes that he is at your service rather than someone who does what they want to do regardless of how it is impacting the client. A massage therapist with compassionate presence rather than bearing witness to the suffering without doing anything to bring comfort and relief.

My previous therapist was one in a long series of body workers who I went to see on my quest to heal.

I knew I had finally found what I was looking for with Jeffrey Spratt,MT Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC.

One year later I'm running longer and stronger than ever. Unlike Vegas, the work we do on the treatment table doesn't stay on the treatment table. It carries over into my world of work, my relationships and my training.

I was exhausted after the Tufts 10K and felt flat despite having PR'ed and feeling the love and support of my village.

I could not get traction to heal everything that went before until this past April.

So here I am one year later. After the Tufts 10K, I returned to Aquatics Therapy at Spaulding Rehab where I received a lecture about why running is not good for me and that if I were going to run at all I should stick to the 5K distance.

Today I did not run Tufts but instead ran 9 Divine miles on Saturday. I cross trained in the pool at WaveHealth feeling stronger and healthier than I ever have in my life. I smiled as I watched the reflection of the waves on the walls and allowed the sunshine streaming through the skylight and the windows that surround to warm my soul. My smile beamed.

Stephanie, the newest member of my running family who I met at the pool right before Boston's Run to Remember and I celebrated our training runs this weekend. She ran 15 miles - the longest she ever ran and is now flirting with running a marathon. She finished her first tri several weeks ago, has done a Spartan Beast and is now wondering can she go the full 26.2. I suggested she watch my YouTube video about having run the Boston Marathon.

She shared in my unbridled joy in running 9 Divine Miles.

What a difference a year makes.

Here is the photo of me after my 9 miler. Funny it's the same pose as one year ago but I am completely transformed because now I am blessed to be able to #reclaimadvantage and #reclaimlife going the distance on and off of the roads.

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